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Get the clutter out of your home this year

Many of us tend to live a somewhat hoarder life in which we pile items in our houses which we are currently not using (or alternatively assume that we will use some point in future), items that we have outgrown (such as clothes) or simply because we lack the time to get our homes in order. Whatever the case, a cleaner, more organised home makes your dwelling that much more cosier. Cleaning out the clutter from your home actually offers some sort of catharsis as it gives you more ‘space’ within your house and allows you more freedom with your property to move things around and arrange your house as you wish.

Perhaps the most difficult part of completing this process is actually beginning the process of clearing the clutter. This is because the entire process looks particularly dreary and tiresome as a whole. But we have a few choice tips to help you get through the process

Break down the entire process into small goals

Typically, people fail to carry out a task because it seems quite large when viewed as a whole. This is because of the internal resistance we feel to carrying out something that takes quite a bit of time (except for those who actually find cleaning quite therapeutic). The key here is to break it down into small manageable bits that do not require too much effort on your part, and it should be easier for you to complete the tasks.

One such way of doing this would be breaking down the cleaning into a room – by – room basis. If you have rooms that are quite large, then perhaps break down the rooms further into halves. This will help will make the work less of a chore. Make sure the periods of rest between rooms are sufficient to avoid the feeling of continuous work and thus, abandoning the work. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid some rooms such as the kitchen since they are in frequent use. Start with bedrooms, guest rooms etc.

Make the process fun

This can be done in a number of ways. One way of doing this is by doing it with a close friend or your group of friends. Interchange cleaning with iced lemonade breaks, converse as you clean or even make a game out of it. The trick is to avoid the feeling of a chore and thus making it easier. Furthermore, having extra hands on deck obviously implies that the work will get done much faster.

If you’re working by yourself then perhaps have some catchy music playing in the background or some tv rerun in the background that you can occasionally glance at while working.

Stick to your de – cluttering schedule

Perhaps you have decided to do a room a day because of one reason or another. Just make sure you stick to your schedule since stopping may mean never picking it back up once you miss a day. The converse is true as well. If you’ve planned to work for 2 hours perhaps with a break in between then avoid going overboard and cleaning for 4 hours straight. It may be hard to continue once you sit down since the fatigue of the extended cleaning period will leave you feeling drained and make it that much harder for you to get back up.

Extra storage space

Sometimes we find that we have items that take up a lot of space but are, ultimately, still useful for us.  A novel method of helping you to free up space is by installing a garden shed. Typically, you have 3 main types of sheds to choose from; the flat roof shed, the gable roof shed and the skillion roof shed. Just as the name suggest, the flat roof shed has a no inclination when it comes to the roof; the gable roof shed has the typical house structure of most homes. The roof forms a triangle – like appearance at the top when viewed from the side. The skillion roof shed has the ends of the roof at different levels, giving some angle of inclination. This gives the appearance of a trapezium when viewed from the side. The differences in appearance do not offer any distinguishing benefit.

Contributing to charity

We sometimes hold on to items that have no further benefit to us. An example of this would be clothes that we used to wear when we were younger but do not fit us anymore. Other things like old toys or old books or novels that have outgrown their use fall here as well. Rather than have them unnecessarily occupy space within your home, you could donate some of these items to charity. Not only are you putting those unused items to good use, you’re actually freeing up space from your house.


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