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Why we like receiving gifts at work

One of the nicest and most luxurious gifts you can receive from someone is a gift basket. The gift basket is a unique gift, that is not only personal, but it also shows that someone is thinking of you. Of course, its nice to receive a bunch of flowers at work, but when you receive a gift basket at work, it leaves a much larger impression, its a memory that you can keep with you for a long long time.

Gift baskets just seem to stand out, far more than flowers or chocolates, it doesnt matter the occasion, birthday, Valentines day, anniversary, a promotion or the upcoming birth of a baby. Gift hampers make you feel cared for, loved and pampered. A gift basket sends a different message to other gifts it shows you are worth the thought and the indulgence that goes into giving a gift basket. This is the reason the memory of receiving the gift basket lasts a lot longer than the gifts inside it.

Gift baskets arent the type of gift we buy for ourselves, so when you receive one, especially at work it makes it so much more special especially if its *out of the blue* and received for no set reason or occasion. If you have ever ordered or bought a gift basket, you know whats it like either picking the contents personally or choosing a basket you just know will be the right one, from champagnes and wines to indulgent chocolates, exotic teas, coffee and everything in between.

When a gift basket has been well thought out or chosen it can remind you that you need to take some time out, this gift of treats, or items to pamper are a reminder that perhaps you should slow down, take a break. You take care of others in your life, so, now is the time to sit back, relax and take time for yourself.


Why we like gift at work


Another amazing thing about receiving a gift basket is the items INSIDE perhaps there are foods inside you have never tried before, or never thought of trying before, so now you have the opportunity to try new foods. Maybe its packed full of indulgent body care items, perhaps youve never tried a scrub, or body butter before, it may have been years since your last bubble bath, you can try new products you have never seen before, of havent enjoyed for years.

There are a lot of good feelings that come with receiving a gift basket at work, its a very memorable gift and the only trouble is you may end up having to share it, and you just cant make it last as long as you would like.

Gift baskets today are modern, enjoyable, hip and cool and are often tailor-made for the recipient, and you can even give gift baskets for Fathers Day so there is no excuse not to send a gift basket to your Dad at work, or even to congratulate him on a promotion at work. Unlike flowers gift baskets are great gifts for men to receive at work. As long as you know what the person likes, a gift basket can be tailer made to suit, after all, there is nothing more awkward than to receive a gift in front of co-workers and work mates that contains items that could be perceived as *embarrassing*.

It can be hard at times choosing the right gift for someone, especially if you dont know them *that well*, a box containing general gifts, a packet of nice biscuits, tea and coffee, chocolate, etc or a gift box filled with snacks, chocolates, wines etc. If you know the recipient loves dogs or cats, you could even give a gift full of treats for their pet.

Dont settle for a gift youre not sure about.

There are so many advantages to sending and receiving a gift basket, its a great way to save time and to make the recipients day. After all your gift basket will be so full of treats, even if there are a few things he or she wont/doesnt like its not a problem, there are plenty of other items there for them to enjoy.


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