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Master Bedroom Styling

The master bedroom is one of the essential spaces in a house. It echoes the personality of the owner while providing a template for all bedroom spaces. Unfortunately, it’s also the most challenging room to style if you don’t know what you are doing. Here are some of the styling ideas that are certain to blow you away.

Focus on the bed.

The centrepiece in the master bedroom is the bed. If you get the design wrong, it won’t be easy to achieve good results.

The most important consideration when choosing a bed is the structural design. There are numerous options based on the material design, size and finish. Contemporary designs follow the latest trends, while classic beds pay homage to different eras in interior design development. Choose a bed that blends seamlessly with your overall bedroom design.

The headboard has a lot of styling potential. Since it’s adjacent to the wall, it can provide the best contrast within the space. You can go with raw wood or fabric on the headboard. Moreover, the size depends on your taste. Additional fittings like lights also go well on the headboard. A good headboard will draw attention and enhance the appeal of the room.


Carpets make the floor within the master bedrooms comfortable and pleasing to look at. Fluffy rugs are great for bedroom spaces since they feel good on the feet. They are often larger than the bed and laid at the foot. The edges extend to either side of the bed.

Stylists often match the carpet to the curtains, the headboard or the walls. There is no limitation to the colour options. Nonetheless, choose warm colours to enhance the relaxing ambience within the space.

The dresser

Another crucial furniture piece in the master bedroom is the dresser. Although it’s used for touching up and storing valuable jewellery, it also enhances the room’s overall design. In most spaces, the dresser and the bed are matching pieces that come together. Matching always works but if you’re daring you can combine different furniture designs.

The wardrobe and cabinets

In most master bedrooms, the closet comes fitted. Modern designs feature sliding wardrobes, while classic styles often have hinged wardrobes. Since the master bedroom is big, a walk-in closet is a popular option. A walk-in wardrobe often features his and hers sections.

Matching the closet design to the bed is a great way to define the style of the room. This is easier with freestanding wardrobes that have design versatility.

Cabinets also come as part of a three-piece set that includes a bed and a dresser. The pieces often have matching designs to provide uniformity in style and enhance the room’s overall appeal.


The nightstands are often bought alongside the bed and have matching designs. Most pieces come with storage space. Some are freestanding units, while others are fitted to the headboard. The stands enhance the appeal of the bed and provide symmetry to the room.

Accent chairs

The master bedroom can accommodate one or two accent chairs. The pieces provide an extra spot for relaxing and often give great contrast to the room’s overall design.


A large painting above your headboard is an excellent accessory for the master bedroom. It enhances the design of the space and gives a personal touch.

All the above tips will make your master bedroom live up to its name. The recommendations are not only great for personal styling but also for home staging. Style up in your master bedroom.

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