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Marble floor tile size options

The interior design of a house is only as good as its floor. A poor selection of your flooring installation is certain to ruin your interior design. The floor takes up a lot of space,and it’s therefore hard to miss. Interior designers recommend investing in great flooring options that will lay the foundation for your choice of interior design. Stone tiles have always been a safe selection when it comes to flooring. They offer an array of color options,and some have beautiful patterns that are a work of art. Some of the most popular stone tiles include limestone, granite, and marble tiles.

Marble is a popular flooring option in many Australian homes. It offers unique patterns that are a great addition to any living space. When combined with the perfect wall paint, the results are always breathtaking. The natural streaks on a well-polished marble tile are nature’s artwork on a stone canvass. Marble tiles can have a polished finish or a honed finish, depending on personal preference. Moreover, the tiles can be made to complement table tops and bathroom fittings. Getting the right size option for your marble tiles is equally as important as picking out the best color or the best design. Size determines the layout of the tiles and the final look.

Although marble is available in slab form, marble slabs are rarely used for flooring. The slabs require one to dig deep into their wallet and unique designs are even more expensive. The installation process is another intricate step. The slabs have to be well laid to prevent the floor from cracking. Moreover, it is practically impossible to repair marble slabs or replace them. Due to the extensive size of the marble, a professionally installed slab has a matchless look that represents a class. The installation is guaranteed to revamp the interior design of any living space.

The rule of thumb is that small rooms need large tiles. Marble is a fine choice for flooring and the tiles come in different sizes. Choosing the right size depends on which feel you want to achieve in a room. If you want a small room to look bigger, large tiles are the best selection. Unfortunately not all marble tiles have an option for large tiles. The New Alba marble tiles are a popular selection for those who need large tiles. The tiles can measure up to 812mm × 406 mm. The marble tiles are usually honed as a standard finish,but other sizes and finishes are available on demand.

Small mosaic tiles add texture to any floor space. Despite the frequent grout lines, the tiles can make the room flow well. Small tiles have the advantage of fitting easily around fixed installations like toilets, baths,and sinks. Mosaic tiles act like carpets in that they create a harmonized look. More often than not, marble tiles are sold in a standard size. However, the tiles can be designed to any size as requested by the client. Small mosaic marble tiles bring out the character of a room. The Castile Ice tiles come in a 200mm × 50mm size. This is what makes them a popular selection for bathrooms. The tiles have a depth of color with a blend of subtle greys, swirls and veins that make its beauty unique. Bigger size options the 610mm × 305mm option, are a wonderful selection for rooms other than the bathroom.

Have you ever entered a room and it looks wider than it actually is? That effect was probably as a result of the tiles installed in the room. If a room has a rectangular floor, it might feel narrow across the width. To subdue this feeling, rectangular tiles can be installed across the room. The idea is to lay the tiles plank-style across the room to create an illusion that the space is wider than it is. Such flooring options come in handy in particular room designs like a galley kitchen. Although, marble tiles come in a standard square size, rectangular options are available and they can pull off such an effect. Chincilla tiles,for example, come in a rectangular design of 610mm × 305mm.

Sometimes all a room needs is a bit of texture. Using the same colour and finish of marble tiles, you can combine square and rectangular sizes set in a random pattern to bring out the texture. The randomness of the layout is key to preserve the sense of space in the room. Marble tiles can deliver various looks in a room. The tiles have an elegant feel coupled with beautiful natural patterns.  The size of the tiles can be manipulated to design different looks in an interior space. The next time you are looking for flooring options, consider marble tiles and the infinite possibilities they can achieve.

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