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Why Indoor Plants Are So Aesthetically Pleasing

Have you ever walked into a home and thought, “I feel so warm and welcome, just from the styling here!”? Well, if you have, one of the elements that you’re sure to have seen in the room or entryway would have been an indoor plant.

Indoor plants, when taken care of correctly and styled properly, can make a home more visually stunning than its possible to otherwise. They can elevate a room to beyond what you even thought was possible.


Why Indoor Plants Are So Aesthetically Pleasing


But how is an indoor plant more capable of this than, say, a funky ottoman, or a piece of amazing artwork?

The answer lies in the fact that it is bringing the outdoors inside, a part of nature installed in a purely unnatural setting. We love visiting parks and botanical centres because they are wonders of natural beauty. They make us feel happy, alive, and calm, all at the same time. If you’ve ever been to a national park then you’ll know just what we’re talking about! People don’t take their wedding photos in beautiful gardens just for no reason, do they?

This is why homes can be elevated so much by adding indoor plants. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they can also decrease the CO2 in your home, and help you to breathe easier.

You can choose from a dizzying array of indoor plants. If you have a favourite outdoor plant then you can read up on whether or not you are able to grow it indoors – pine trees may be off the menu, though!

Some indoor plants require more work than others. For instance, some require more sunlight than others, which means that you’ll have to move them to near windows if you want them to flourish. A popular new way to do indoor plants is to have a miniature herb garden on your kitchen windowsill – just perfect for entertaining!

Another key reason to remember why indoor plants can make such a difference is when you have a big entertaining event on in your home, or when the time comes to sell your house. If it’s just for a one off occasion, or for a brief period, and you don’t want to fork out to buy the plants, there is always the option of renting them too, believe it or not.

While indoor plants can make a space look positively amazing, it’s all about the styling that goes into a home that counts. If you aren’t very good at interior decorating, then you might like to get some inspiration (or copy others!) on sites like Pinterest. If you can’t be bothered with that and are looking for an easy and less time consuming solution, then you can hire someone to do property styling for your home.

The key aim for indoor plants is that you create that lush, outdoor environment, but inside your home, and in step with the other features that you have in your rooms. Indoor plants can range in size from a tiny little cactus, that requires little to no love and attention, through to large trees or vines that can stretch up to a two story level. The amount of greenery in your home is really up to you.

If you currently don’t have any indoor plants in your home, then we recommend starting off with something small and easy. While the cactus we mentioned just before is probably too basic for most people, the mini herb garden in the kitchen is small and relatively easy to look after, provided you choose the right herbs.

Any room in your home will look better with a pot plant in the corner, be it your living room, the hallway, or even the bathroom. Many people don’t accessorise with indoor plants because they can’t be bothered with the upkeep, however what a lot of folks don’t know is that many specialty indoor plants can pretty much look after themselves.

Indoor plants are beautiful and help you to feel more at one with nature. This is important in a completely man made construction (i.e. your home) and can be a particularly warm welcome in dwellings where there isn’t a lot of nature visible, such as apartments and other city living spaces.



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