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How to Heat Outdoor Spaces
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How to Heat Outdoor Spaces

Isn’t it wonderful to have a space right in your home where you can go to enjoy the outdoors without having to search far and wide? The backyard is the ideal place for relaxation, enjoyment and entertainment. Yet, its limitations arise when the season changes and outside temperatures begin to trend downward. Suddenly, your yard is not the haven of comfort; it was a few days or weeks previously.

Getting your outdoor spaces to be useable even in cooler weather can be transformative for your home. You will not only get a lot more use out of them but increase the property’s value at the same time. Therefore, installing a heater has more benefits than you can afford to ignore.

There are many ways to heat outdoor spaces. So if you don’t want to be forced to abandon your patio or outdoor seating area during the winter months, here are a few options to consider:


There is a reason why fireplaces have been in continuous use since their invention. They are still the ideal way to heat your home. And now, you don’t have to have just one that is inside the house. Heating experts have come up with ways and means to create outdoor fireplaces as well.

A typical outdoor fireplace is often modelled after the traditional design. This tendency means that you can install a majestic structure with a chimney and firepit that embodies the very image of hearth and home. However, if you prefer a more modern appearance, there are designs that will better suit your tastes. The differences in aesthetics often dictate the type of heater you settle on.

 Since modern fireplaces can use gas or wood for fuel, the choice lies in your preferences. Wood-burning heaters have a more natural effect, yet they are difficult to light and even more challenging to maintain. On the other hand, gas fireplaces suit the contemporary design palate and are less demanding to operate and maintain. Moreover, you can replicate the look of a wood-burning fireplace using gas.

Additionally, an outdoor fireplace can exponentially enhance your decor. Its appearance is stately and imposing yet inviting. Thus it can be the focal point of the space, silently drawing you closer so that you may enjoy it.

If you want to install an outdoor fireplace, you can opt to have it constructed from scratch or choose to purchase a pre-fabricated model. Of course, the latter is more budget-friendly.

Outdoor Kitchens

What’s better than one kitchen? Two kitchens. Outdoor cooking is coming back in vogue, and it may be a trend you don’t want to skip. If you think about it, an outdoor kitchen is a 2-in-1 solution. You get both a space where you can explore and expand your culinary abilities and an effective heating device at one go.

Electric Heaters

Using electricity to heat your outdoor spaces is a simple and more eco-friendly alternative to gas and wood. Lighting one requires no more effort than pressing a switch. Moreover, electric heaters are often less obtrusive than the other types. They also offer you the benefit of control so that you can direct the heat to a particular point. Most electric heaters also have temperature sensors that control the device by switching it on and off as the temperature oscillates within a specific range.

Opting for an electric heater does not mean you have to abandon the idea of having a fireplace that looks like the original wood type. There are some models which use that design. However, the main drawback of using electric heaters is the energy costs. While they are more efficient than gas and wood, electricity tends to be the most expensive utility. Thus operating an electric fireplace can become pricey, especially if it is on for long periods. On the other hand, this caveat depends on the region where you live. In some places, electric power is cheaper than gas.

A warm and cosy outdoor seating area is within your reach. All you have to do is find one you like, then contact your local heating experts for installation or more information. But, of course, you will also have difficulty staying indoors as soon as you begin to heat your outdoor spaces.

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