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Outdoor Heating Options That Will Add to Your Decor as Well as Warmth
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Outdoor Heating Options That Will Add to Your Decor as Well as Warmth

Outdoor heating has evolved past fire pits dug into the garden and surrounded by whatever large stones one can find lying around. There are now more options available which combine form and function. The outdoor heating options available today are just as elaborate in their design and functionality as any outdoor space which has been meticulously designed and chosen to match a desired aesthetic.

Outdoor entertainment areas have become so popular that they seem to be an extension of the living room. Many more people want to create a space outside that allows them to relax and enjoy the fresh air without sacrificing the comfort of their living room. This desire can be hampered by cooler evening and night temperatures which would deter even the most determined from attempting to enjoy their alfresco space. That is why outdoor heating has become a sought after solution. It is made even better by the creation of designs that are equally visually striking and functionally vital.

We have a selection of outdoor heaters that combine design with heat generation to create stunning pieces that will blend into or stand out from the rest of your outdoor decor to keep your outdoor setting looking just as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Outdoor Brazier

Let us start with the most basic option. This outdoor brazier is, in essence, a basket with an ash pan below it. It is easily assembled and does not require much effort. You place the wood in the basket and light it. Ash will drop into the pan as it forms. The outdoor brazier is a simple design that will match the equally spare outdoor decor or be a more unobtrusive addition to space where you feel something more elaborate would not be ideal. The brazier can be used for smaller outdoor spaces where a larger heater would take up too much room. You can use a single brazier or spread multiple pieces around your alfresco area at appropriate intervals to provide sufficient heat.

Gasmate Stellar Black Flame Heater

You might be familiar with this type of heater. Dining and entertainment establishments use similar heaters to warm the outdoor areas of their establishments. The Gasmate stellar black flame heater is an effective device that heats the regions surrounding it more immediately. As the name suggests, the black flame heater uses gas as a fuel source. This heater was designed with safety in mind. It has features like a flame failure safety system which senses when the flame goes out, at which point the device will immediately shut off the gas to prevent leaks. There are also safety tip-over and oxygen depletion systems that detect when the heater is knocked over or is placed in an area without sufficient ventilation. This detection prompts the device to cut off the gas and switch off the unit, respectively.

The Gasmate stellar black flame heater has more than safety features to set it apart. It also has wheels attached to the bottom, making it more portable, while its powder-coated finish ensures that it looks stylish.

Escea EP 1350 Outdoor Wood Fire Table

This wood fire table is the ultimate expression of the unity of form and function. Escea modelled the outdoor wood fire table after campfires. It has a wide-bottomed stand which spreads out on top to form a large round table. A fire pit has been created at the centre to provide warmth using Vortex Firecore technology developed by Escea. This technology limits or eliminates the smoke produced, leaving you to enjoy the best parts of the campfire, warmth, light, and ambience. You can gather your friends around the table, enjoying the company and the heat produced by the fire in the middle. Hence the reference to a campfire.

The Escea 1350, however, is more than a heater. You can also use it for cooking. The table creates an area where you can cook your meal over the fire and enjoy its warmth at the same time. In addition, everyone can participate in the cooking, thus more opportunity for fun, antics and laughter. The fire table has three modes- a cooking grill, a stainless steel inner ring and a removable kebab holder. Each mode provides heat at varying levels to allow for perfect cooking no matter the food. Remarkably, the table has a feature known as cool touch technology. This technology keeps the outer ring cool enough to touch with a bare hand without risking injury, giving you room to place your food or drink for more comfortable dining.

These are just a few of the heaters we have available for you to choose from. Every product in our stock list is designed to high standards. They are meant to be just as striking as they are effective while in use. Consider our outdoor heaters as you search for your ideal heater. Cold nights that were a deterrent are now a thing of the past. Our products allow you to have your cake and eat it too. You can now effortlessly heat your outdoor area with a heater that seamlessly matches your style and decor.

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Outdoor Heating Options That Will Add to Your Decor as Well as Warmth

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