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A Comprehensive Guide to Owning Your Dream Pool

A swimming pool is an excellent addition to an outdoor space. It enhances the aesthetics of the space and provides an extra amenity for the family to enjoy. Unfortunately, the journey to owning your dream swimming pool can be daunting.

Here is a simple guide to help you find your way to your dream swimming pool

The design options.

There are several options available for outdoor pools. The main design options include; above ground pools and inground pools.

Above ground swimming pools

As the name suggests, the pool lies above ground level. The pool is great for small outdoor spaces. It’s also great for temporary installation on rental property. There are different types of above ground pools.

An inflatable pool is the easiest to set up and the most affordable option. It’s ideal for children, and it’s the most portable option.

Steel frame pools are temporary builds that have a more sturdy design and can accommodate more users.

The traditional above ground is a permanent installation made from metal, resin or both materials. The pool has a separate pool liner and pool wall. The size varies greatly, but the swimming pool can reach depths of up to 1.5 metres.

Inground pools

If you are looking for a permanent installation, an inground pool is your best choice. The pool is installed below ground level with no limit to depth. There are different types of inground pools.

The fibreglass pool is a popular option. It’s installed as a prefabricated unit and offers an excellent swimming experience. This swimming pool also has low maintenance needs and performs well on durability. The vinyl pool is an inexpensive pool with unlimited design options. The pool can be designed to whatever shape and size you desire.

The concrete inground pool is an excellent choice if you are looking for a versatile option. The swimming pool can accommodate several fixtures; including fountains, waterfalls and swim-up bars.

The cost

The price tag on a pool depends on the size, shape and style.Averagely, above ground pools cost less than inground pools. The excavation process involved in the latter partly explains the higher cost.

Among above ground pools, the inflatable pool is the most affordable. Steel frame pools and traditional above ground pools cost slightly more due to the complex structural design.

Inground pools are generally expensive. However, the vinyl pool is pocket friendly and performs well. Fibreglass pools have a high initial cost, but the subsequent maintenance costs are low. Concrete pools, on the other hand, have high maintenance costs. The initial cost of setting up a concrete pool depends on the size, fittings and location. Therefore, placing a price tag on the build is difficult.

Nonetheless, inground pools increase property value. They may cost a lot, but they are a good investment.

The suppliers

Numerous outlets supply above ground pools since they require little expertise. The pools can be installed as DIY projects since they have a simple design and often have installation manuals. However, inground pools require skilled personnel to design and install the unit.

It’s essential to choose the right supplier for your pool. Ensure the swimming pool quality you buy meets your preference, and the necessary support services are offered. It’s safer to go with renowned names in the industry since you are guaranteed good services. Consult, research and save as you build up to owning your dream swimming pool. If you follow the right steps, it will not remain a dream for too long.

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