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It’s beach season! Or at least it will be soon, so it’s time to bring out the inflatables. They may not be what you had in mind as a promotional item, but think about it. A large number of home-owners are putting in their pools now, so why not take advantage? As part of their accessory shopping and holiday prep, they’ll be purchasing lots of home buoys, kiddie floaters, and pool rings. Why not cut them at the pass and advertise your brand in the process? Consumers don’t usually mind what’s on the floater itself, or pay much attention.

Their kids might be fussier, picking their favourite cartoon branding. But mostly they’re drawn to bright colours (while their parents are lured by low prices) so consider going on a printing spree and availing colourful pool inflatables with your logo and mascot on them. You can donate them to public pools and offer them as free gifts with certain purchases. You can even partner with other brands and cross-sell. For example, anyone who buys pool supplies could get your inflatable collateral as a free gift.

Create a ‘Summer Swag’ bag to give away at events, malls, and festivals. It could have a free sample of your products, or a brochure listing your services. Then throw in branded towels, sunscreen, floaters, or even inflatable pools. Speaking of which, they’d make a lovely addition to your next exhibition booth. Large inflatable pools will attract guests with kids and make them spend longer at your stand, providing more conversion opportunities. The grown-ups will like it too, if they can dangle their feet on a hot day.


In a busy trade fair or outdoor festival, movement is a clever way to attract fans. You can invest in rotating feather flags or bali flags that wobble in the wind, catching the eyes of passers-by. One of the more common tactics is to use an inflatable arch as the entrance of your stand. You might also get a small bouncy castle for the kids (or a bigger one for adults.) Just make sure you have a consistent electricity supply to keep it inflated.

Rather than renting one for the day, consider creating a customised branded unit for your events. It’s a bigger initial investment, but it will save you money in the long run. If it becomes and typical part of your outdoor gear, then it helps customers find you as well, because it’s a kind of ‘trademark’ for your organisation. It also marks out your business as child-friendly, which opens a whole new customer segment for you.

Modern exhibition booths and expo displays opt for the pop-up stand because it’s a comprehensive all-in-one kit. The components even come in a packed carry-case that would rival Mary Poppins’ carpet bag in its versatility. Some of these carry-cases convert into a display table, while others have wheels for easy transport.  The pop-up booth can have inflatable elements like chairs, dividers, and furnishings. Of course you can also have branded balloons. Make sure you have enough helium tanks.

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A fun addition that’s frequently underrated is the blimp. It makes your booth stand out, literally, by floating above the crowd. Make sure it’s solidly anchored – it could cause a lot of damage if it flies away, and it would be expensive to replace. It works best in outdoor conditions, but can sometimes apply indoors if the ceiling of the exhibition hall is vaulted. For outside events, check the weather. You don’t want it being tugged away in gale force winds. You could consider illuminating it in coloured bulbs for events that stretch after dark.

Also, before you buy inflatables, confirm what kind they are. The two main options are sealed-air units, which can be filled in advance and hold the air in for a day or more. Or there are constant-air varieties, which need to be perpetually pumped by a blower, so they need direct, consistent access to power mains. Both options can be made from nylon or tarp.

As you shop for a supplier, check that they offer the relevant accessories – rope, blowers, carry-cases etc. – they can be expensive to buy separately. Other vetting questions you can ask are whether they print on one side or both, and whether there’s an installation guide (YouTube videos are available, but more complex models may need extra guidance.) Blow-up furniture is available as chairs, tables, desks, sofas, ottomans, and even beds.

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