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Get Creative With Your Flags This Summer

Summer is the ideal time to invest in outdoor banners and flags. The summer weather draws many people out of their house and onto the streets. Consequently, the marketing potential of outdoor banners, flags and media walls is high. A flag put out during the summer is certain to get a lot of attention. Since you flag will not be the only one flying in the wind over the summer, it’s important to be creative for an upper hand. There are numerous ways to make your flag unique and more effective. Here are some ways to get creative and revamp your flags for this summer

Colour is Everything

Colour psychology is a fascinating science that has been used to inform and guide marketers and designers on the best way to influence consumers. Research shows that visual cues are one of the most important factors that influence consumers. Colour is the strongest visual cue and it draws attention to details on the design by inspiring interest.  It increases brand recognition by almost 80%. When designing your flag, choose a good colour combination that represents your brand and inspires consumers and investors. Colour psychology is a good guide for the best colours to use on your promotional flags and custom flags.

Different colours have been shown to cause different moods and emotions when used in visual marketing and branding. Orange, black and royal blue have been associated with impulsive shopping. Therefore, such colours work best for fast food restaurants, outlet malls and clearance sales. On the other hand, navy blue and teal go well in banks and large store departments where shopping is done on a budget. Pink and sky blue mainly influence traditional consumers hence the popularity of the colour in clothing stores. If your flag has the right colour you are guaranteed to get the attention you seek.

The Content of The Flag

Media tools display content that seeks to persuade a consumer or an investor into action. The content can be laid out in several different ways. A call to action is a direct method of branding and marketing. It is quite effective, especially when dealing with a small population. In a call to action, you directly tell the consumer or investor what to do and how to do it through your flag. Other media tools describe a product or service comprehensively to persuade consumers and investor. These tools give information and expect the informed consumers or investors to get on board. Power words come in handy in situations where the use of words is limited. Power words evoke emotions and influence behaviour.

Design of The Flag

When it comes to flags, a unique style is certain to get attention. Size is the most obvious design characteristic of a flag. Although most people like small numerous flags, big flags are highly effective in selling a brand, service or product. A large flag is visible from a distance and calls for attention more than a small flag. When coupled with the right colour and content, a big flag will not disappoint. Since bi flags are expensive to make, sometimes one may have to settle for a smaller size. In such a situation, you can go for a unique shape to make your setup eye-catching. An array of shapes are available. The selection is only limited to one’s preference and imagination.


Where you place your flag is just as important as how your flag looks like. For a flag to be effective it must be set up in an area of visibility. You can only appreciate what you see, therefore, the more visible your flag is the more effective it will be. Flags can be set up on the ground or off the ground like banting flags. Banting flags are more visible than ground flags due to their elevation. Moreover, you can compromise on size if your flag is elevated since visibility remains more or less unaffected. Bigger flags may need a strong draft to keep them in an upright position. Hence, placing your huge promotional flag in the wind works best.

If you combine all the tricks of placement, design and content you are guaranteed to get the attention you seek. For this summer try something different and enjoy the benefits of going slightly outside the box with your flag.

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