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How to secure your home while you are away

A good shelter is one of the three basic needs. However, security greatly defines how good shelter is. An unsafe home is not worth living in. Fortunately, most threats to the security of residential areas are directed towards theft of property rather than harm to the residents. Nonetheless, simple burglaries can turn into tragic events especially when the residents are at home. Therefore, it’s important to be safe rather than sorry.

The first step in forming a strong security system is knowing your enemy. Analysis of police reports reveals that most burglaries occur between 10am and 3pm. Therefore, burglars mostly steal when everyone is away at work or school. An unoccupied house is a good target considering occupants can complicate a burglar’s operations. Moreover, burglars rarely break into unfamiliar houses. They monitor your house closely to observe movement patterns and any loopholes in the security system. By the time a burglar breaks into your home, they have been watching it for a while. Once you know a burglars behaviours, the next step is figuring the best ways to secure your home while you are away.

Check your locks

The industrial revolution saw the development of complex key and lock systems that improved the security of homes. However, burglars are good at picking locks. To secure your home, it’s important to invest in top quality locks that have a reputation of maintaining their integrity when put to the test. It’s absurd if the only thing between a burglar and your valuable property is a poor quality lock. Before you install locks, start with a professional security assessment. Call a locksmith to have a look at your locks and check if they meet the required standards. Professional locksmiths can also give insight into the best security set up for your home. Once the assessment is done, resist the temptation to DIY. Let professionals handle lock installation for your home for good security.

34% of intruders walk through the front door and another 22% use the backdoor. Therefore, doors are the main entry point for burglars. Unfortunately, most security systems make it easy for burglars to walk right through the door. Spring bolt locks that are mostly used on doors can be unlocked even with the wrong key. However, deadlocks offer better security. A quality deadlock makes a door more resistant to entry without the correct key.

Install an alarm system

Alarm systems form a layer of security that may deter potential burglars. Modern alarm systems are inconspicuous but effective in keeping burglars out of your home. Alarms form part of a home security system that uses motion sensors, door and window sensors and surveillance cameras. Motion sensors detect movement in an invisible zone and trigger the alarm in case of a breach. On the other hand, door and window sensors form a security circuit when the door or window is closed. When the security system is armed, the sensors report that all entry points are secured if the windows are closed. Should a window or door be opened the security circuit is broken and the alarm goes off. Most security systems are linked to alarm monitoring companies that swiftly respond to a breach.

Home security shutters

Security shuttersare not widely adopted but they offer an extra layer of security that is invaluable. Shutters on doors and windows act as superior deterrents to burglars who use patio doors and windows for easy break-ins. On the first impression, shutters give the picture of a fortress. Burglars avoid houses that have such impenetrable security installations. When compared to security bars, shutters offer more superior protection to your windows and doors. They also protect your house against vandalism. Most burglars break windows and doors to gain access to your house. However, a security shutter is certain to keep burglars out while protecting your doors and windows from damage. Shutters can also be used to accentuate the outdoor looks of your home. Modern roller shutters come in an array of colours and designs that can revamp your outdoor look.

Clear out hiding spots

The landscaping of your house may facilitate a burglar’s monitoring expeditions. Shrubs, large bushes and trees offer a good hiding spot for burglars to wait before making their break-in. Moreover, the hideouts may completely obstruct the view of your surveillance system. Trimming out bushes and shrubs reduces hiding spots while maintaining your landscape. Burglar deterrents can be planted near windows and doors. They include thorny, spiked, pain-inducing landscaping.

Before leaving your home, it’s important to confirm that all your security installations are functional and in tip-top shape. Assess your surveillance cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems before leaving. If you have contracted a security firm to manage your security, you are free to call for a professional assessment and a review of the security system. Moreover, if you are away for a while, it’s prudent to inform the security firm. Ensure all the doors and windows are properly locked and close the shutters for maximum security. In case of a failed attempt at breaking in, inform the appropriate security agencies and confirm the integrity of your security systems is still intact. Better safe than sorry.


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