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Colour Options for Your Banners in 2019

Colour is one of the most important conduits of communication that life has to offer. It gives a descriptive character to the things we see, adding life and vitality to our sensory experience of sight. Colour plays such a pivotal role even in the way that we unconsciously think, act and react. Its immutable effect on the human psyche is unbelievably profound, to the point that the colour red can be immediately associated with sentiments of love, passion, anger and danger all at the same time, and it makes sense to us universally as human beings.

With proper use of colour, the psychological impact created on the mind of the human being can be moulded, tricking it into a state suitable for the human being to act in a favourable manner. This can easily influence every day activities and patterns, sales, and interaction in ways that one cannot fully comprehend. Why? Well, because human nature is indeed, very predictable.

What Can Colour Do For You?

Colour has the ability to calm your eyes and to irritate them all the same. It can lower or raise your blood pressure and influence your appetite without you even knowing it happened. In the processes of advertising and marketing, which are core part of the success of any business, this brainwashing tool alternatively known as hue can be utilized to one’s advantage.

When you are having corporate events in 2019, let’s say an expo for example, what can colour do for you?  In a large room packed to the brim with amazing products and fancy brochures, fast-talking salesmen and curious buyers, a set of banners with an apt selection of colours could be what sets your business apart.

Basic Principles of Colours

In short, colours are derived from light, whether artificial or natural. What you perceive as a colour is a wavelength of reflected light. So, if a piece of bark off a tree appears brown it is because it reflected that colour and absorbed all other colours which are of different wavelength.

Now, you may or may not be familiar with the colour wheel, which is a cyclic diagram representing the colours of what is known as the spectrum. It is tremendously useful to this subject because it shows relationships between colours, which are what create the different perceptions.  For example, colours opposite each other on the colour wheel are said to be Complementary and create a stark vibrancy and contrast; for example, violet and yellow. Colours that appear next to each other and seem to blend are said to be Harmonious. A great example of this is orange and red.

There are colours that we consider to be duller than others, and those on the flipside to be brighter, while others lie in between. Neutral colours are those that only create the effect of darkness and lightness in varying intensity. These are black, white and grey. Now, all of these colours are best understood when practically applied, bringing us to the next part.

How to Apply Colour Options in Banner Selection

Context is key. Depending on the product you would like to sell or maybe even the colours of your brand, the colours you choose should tend towards those that are intrinsically characteristic of the items. For example, products which are centred on eco-friendly solutions can be associated with the colour green. It should definitely be a core consideration for selection of colours in your banner.

Some things however do not vary much. A great example is that neutral colours are great for banner backdrops and backgrounds. Let us take black to exemplify this. Being a dull colour, it would do well to be paired with a brightly coloured font, let’s say an orange one. Cap this off with some well-designed graphics on a simple and straightforward layout. Crisp, clean and concise. After having employed such a strategy with your banners, you might as well say that your work in sales or marketing is already one step in the right direction. Be sure to apply it when considering your colour options for your banners in 2019.


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