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How to Ensure Your Display System Really Embodies Your Corporate Image


What do your banner displays say about your company? Do they portray you as focused and professional? Do they express your playful, creative spirit? Do they position you as versatile and open to new directions? Your clients have a distinct idea of what they think you are, and this concept is largely related to your choice of promotional channels.

Your first task is to pick the right visuals for your display banners. Your choice of colours, images, and the arrangement of elements can go a long way in defining your brand identity. If you’ve been in business for awhile, you already have an established colour palette. However, you can always tweak it a little to suit the message you’d like to deliver.

For instance, dark blues are often used to express stability, reliability and trust. Orange suggests enthusiasm, energy, and a sense of adventure. Green, while calming, can also imply environmental friendliness. Consider subtly weaving these colour options into your artwork. You can do it in a clever way that doesn’t interfere with your brand guidelines, but still evokes the desired reaction from your clientele.

Here at DSA, we can help you get started as you design your display banners. Our website has a full range of artwork templates that you can modify as you create your display banners. The templates are easy to use, quick to download, and they all include clear instructions.

Our templates show you the exact dimensions of your intended banner, including everything from portable banners to permanent displays. We also have an artwork guideline with helpful suggestions on how to get the best effect in print. If you get stuck anywhere along the way, you can give us a call for additional guidance.

Once you have designed your banner and are happy with it, we have an instant communication solution. No need to get caught up in a time-consuming back and forth with couriers and emails. You can upload your design right on our website using our FTP link. Your designs will reach us discreetly, securely, and instantly. Our FTP allows you to upload files of up to 2GB, approved and ready for print.

Once you’ve settled on a design and beefed up the template with your own personal touch, your banners are ready to go. But … what if you’re not sure on the exact kind of banners that you require? Well, you can talk to us and we can figure it out together.

We offer a wide range of display options. We have brochure holders that work well during expos, but can also be useful in your reception area of the front office. Ad wings and Ad sails are good for eye-catching outdoor displays.

If you’d like to print an agenda, task list, or sales summary, you might prefer POS systems that are great portable bulletin boards. Alternatively, for seminars and workshops, you might choose our comprehensive exhibition banners display package.

Whatever your display needs, get in touch with us via email or call as toll-free at 1300 Displays.  You could even visit our showroom in Banksmeadow, Sydney. We’ll be happy to serve you.



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