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Engagement and Wedding Ring Styles

Engagement and Wedding Ring Styles

The Romans believed that a vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger of the left hand) is connected to the heart. That is why they called it “vena amoris” or the vein of love. And thus, began the tradition of wearing wedding and engagement rings on the ring finger.


The styles of the ring have gone through various phases of evolution from previously being made from hemp and bamboo, to copper and iron and now it is carved from precious metals such as gold or platinum and embellished with valuable gemstones such as diamond, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.


Here we have jotted down a list of eight different trendy engagement and wedding ring styles for you to decide which ones you love the most (and would buy for your partner).


Engagement and Wedding Ring Styles in Wedding Day


Solitaire Rings

A solitaire diamond (or any other stone) refers to the kind of jewelry setting where a single stone is placed on the center of the ring allowing light to pass through, drawing all the focus on that single stone. Instead of a lot of fancy stone cutting and intricate embellishments, this ring has a relatively clean and elegant design.


Vintage Rings

A vintage or antique ring style takes its inspiration from the Victorian or Edwardian era. The ring is designed to look heavier, with tiny engravings, twisted threads, metal beads, and complex embellishments.

Perfect for couples who want to make their love story a legacy like the unique craftsmanship of a vintage ring!


The Trilogy Ring (Three Stone Ring)

A trilogy ring or a three stone ring holds a special meaning and couples who choose to enjoy the symbolism behind the three stones. These three stones can represent the past, present, and future; or symbolize love, friendship, and fidelity.

You can play around with the variety of stones by choosing a diamond in between and your favorite gemstones on its sides.


Gemstone Rings

What can be more personalized than your favorite gemstone carved into a wedding or engagement ring? Blue sapphires, green emeralds, or red rubies can bring color to your ring and reflect your custom style. Some people prefer their diamonds supported a pair of their birthstones too!


Halo Rings

In a halo ring setting, small diamonds encircle a big high placed diamond. There are many options for customizing your ring with the halo setting. These big, beautiful and stylish rings are quite popular among women who want a fancy twist to their rings.


Bar or Band Rings

For couples who prefer simple yet elegant designs, a bar setting or a band ring can be a perfect choice. Enough light can pass through the diamonds in a bar setting ring, and bands are perfect for people who play sports or are into playing instruments. This kind of rings looks trendy while being extremely secure.


Another sturdy and secure option is the flush ring setting where the diamond is drilled and secured inside the metal band. It can be a suitable choice, especially for men.


Tiffany Ring Style

A popular choice among women; the tiffany ring setting. The tiffany ring has been called the most brilliant ring ever. The diamond floats above the ring, and into the light, held secured through a six-prong setting. It is one of the most preferred engagement ring styles of all times.


Choosing an engagement or wedding ring can be confusing so we hope this information will help you sort out your preferences. You can choose one big diamond or multiple smaller ones; either way, your ring will be something you cherish for life.


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