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Wow Dresses

Wow Dresses

The majority of soon-to-be-brides will lean towards a more traditional wedding dress for their big day and yes there are plenty of more demure gowns to pick and choose from. But what if you want a dress that completely wows and blows your groom and guests right out of the water? Thanks to some amazing forward-thinking designers there are such amazing dresses to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one will suit your big day.


1.       Sottero & Midgley – Ariya

Most of us grew up wanting to be princesses, some of us grow out of it and others, well, still watch Disney and dream of wearing a dress fit for royalty on their wedding day. They Ariya is all that and more. It’s modern with a touch of fairytale and will completely wow everyone attending your big day. Fitted at the top with lace detail and an illusion styled back, the skirt is made of tulle that creates the beautiful ball gown effect.


2.       Made With Love – Harlie

If you want wow without the flash then the Harlie dress will be the answer to all your prayers. It’s form fitting with a slit that will reach your thigh. It boho chic with a touch of modern sophistication. The train is long enough to make just enough of an impact as well. This wow dress is for the bride who loves simplicity but loves to make heads turn.


3.       Christina Rossie – #4375

This dress might only have a number for a name, but it looks like it should be called something extremely exotic and mysterious. It has a fitted waistline with a soft tulle skirt and the bodice has exposed illusion boning, which gives the dress a very sexy look. It might not be for everyone but the bride that does decide to wear this dress will leave her guests and groom’s jaws hanging on the floor.


4.       Melissa Diaz – #6078

Another gown with a number as a name. It makes sense though because how do you name a black wedding dress that is short and has a detachable skirt that flows in the wind? This dress is completely different from anything we’ve seen before. And if you’re the bride who doesn’t want to get married in white or any of its cousins, then this dress is the one to beat. A short lace gown with a gorgeous skirt that can be attached for the ceremony and tossed aside for the reception.


5.       Wendy Makin – Marilyn

Don’t want to get married in black or white? Why not opt for a beautiful and chic floral styled gown that is simple yet elegant. You really don’t have to be a bride for a second time to wear a dress that isn’t white. Times have changed, and traditions were made to be bent.


These gowns are made to order so if this is what you have been looking for don’t hang around and wait till the last minute.


6.       Sheath – Darby

The Darby is that Hollywood glam styled dress that is made of satin and clings to the body like a second skin. If you love showing off your curves that don’t skip this dress. It even has a separate train coming down from the back to add to its wow factor. This is one dress that not any bride will choose to wear, so those who do will really stand out from the crowd.


No matter what type of wow you are looking for, there is something for you out there. Perhaps you like one of the dresses but not enough to want to wear it. If that’s the case, then have a look at that designers’ other gowns that are available. Who knows you just might be pleasantly surprised.


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