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My Favourite Winter Wedding Dress Options

My Favourite Winter Wedding Dress Options

They say that having a wedding in winter is really brave. Um, people, hello? Do you even know the definition of brave? Brave is facing the crowds out shopping on Boxing Day. Brave is heading out into the water when that shark alarm is going off (or wait, maybe that’s just plain stupid).


Anyway, having a wedding in winter is hardly brave. Sure, it might be cold out (baby), it might be raining. But there are easily built in contingency plans that can ensure a winter wedding runs smoothly. You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m a Risk Analyst in my day job. A Risk Analyst planning her winter wedding next year.


My Favourite Winter Bridal Wedding Dress Options


I’m one of those people who takes care in planning everything out to the last inch. No, I’m not a control freak bridezilla, I take on other people’s opinions and suggestions. However, most of the time my friends and family leave planning big events like international holidays and Christmas u to me simply because I love planning and I always put things off with panache. I’m that chick who has the Christmas pudding for mum and grandma, chocolate pudding for the kids, salted caramel flan for the foodies, a low-cal dessert treat for the dieters… You get the picture. I’m great on knowing everything that’s needed and going hard on the details.


That’s why I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been researching out winter wedding dress options over the last few months. Obviously, I haven’t actually nailed down my choice yet, but I do have a few that are definite contenders so far. So, if you too are planning a winter wedding, or trying to decide whether a winter wedding is going to work for you (trust me, it can with the right planning!) then check out these babies.


Boat Neck, Long Sleeve Lace Slit to The Waist at The Back, With Flowing Skirt in Cream

Obviously, if it’s winter it’s going to be chillier than a summer wedding. What this means for your dress is that you can do the long sleeve thing. I really love long sleeve dresses as I think they can be particularly elegant – while not being too stuffy, prude, or matronly. Long sleeves and higher necklines can still look particularly sexy.


That’s why I love this look – the boat neck with long sleeves. As a woman with small boobs this also works particularly well for me. I don’t have much to show in the chest area so a neckline like this really suits me. If you have larger breasts, i.e. C cup plus, then you might like to try a modification on the neckline here, perhaps a scoop or V neck, otherwise the boat neck can tend to make you look a little bit too top heavy.


The fact that a dress like this is slit to the waist in the back makes it still super sexy. Go for a larger lace pattern with some illusion netting between some of it in a cream colour to brighten up a drab winter’s day.


The Dress With The Optional Top To It

How about a convertible wedding dress? If you go for a sleeveless lace number like the Provonias Onia, then you can purchase an optional lace over top with long sleeves. This is the perfect winter dress if you aren’t sure what the weather will be like, or if you live in Melbourne where it could very well be four season in one day!


When you are wearing the long sleeved lace over top, it looks like it is a part of the dress, however when you take it off it looks like your look is complete! I always did love me a convertible. Extra points for this one for being so darn versatile.


Winter Wonderland – Very Structured, Thicker Fabric

All those dresses that you couldn’t wear in summer, those ones that could make you sweat too much, you have the option of going for in winter! This means that you can get your mits on a highly structured dress with thicker material, which also has the bonus of really pulling you in and accentuating your body.


Some of my all-time favourite winter bridal wedding dresses are from the Ashi Studio SS 2015 Couture line. They have some simply amazing structured wedding dresses that are truly winter wonderland. Now, I could never really afford one of these dresses myself but I might be able to find myself a talented tailor who could whip up something similar – especially since I have a year lead out time!


So remember, in winter, you have access to a lot more fabric choices than you would in summer and let it work to your benefit. Highly structured tailored dresses are a great alternative to having to lose 10kgs, too!

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