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Bridal Shoe Selection Guide_ Choose the Perfect Footwear for Your Special Day

Bridal Shoe Selection Guide: Choose the Perfect Footwear for Your Special Day

“Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes”- Chetan Bhagat

Finally, you have moved on to the lesser of the known evils; bridal footwear. The obsession for the bridal wedding dress has ended now that you’ve picked up the perfect piece. You cannot wait to get ready for your dream wedding.

DO: Always choose the dress first!

DON’T go the other way around.



However, every woman knows that a dress is incomplete without a decent pair of shoes. The sad part is, no prince charming will hand you your glass slippers, and you need to find them yourself.


But hey, we never said that we aren’t here to help! In fact, after reading this article, you might even be clear on which pair of shoes you should finalize for your wedding. Let’s jump right in.


1. Carefully Analyze Your Bridal Dress

The reason we mentioned to choose the dress first is that you need to select a pair that fits in perfectly with the outfit. The color, heel, and style of the shoe depending on which kind of bridal dress you went for. Kitten heels and stilettos look great with tea length or mid-length bridal gowns.


Carefully Analyze Your Bridal Dress


2. Take Height Into Consideration

By all means, we are talking about your height and the height of your heels.

DO decide beforehand in which kind of heels are you comfortable.

DON’T go for pencil-six-inch heel if you don’t wear them that often.


Take Height Into Consideration


It will only create a hurdle when you have to move around and greet people. The last thing you want at your wedding is to have a break-down because you toes hurt like hell.


3. Play with the Color

The trendiest brides are opting for more variety in colors when choosing shoes. Instead of white or ivory, women are going for shades of hot fuchsia, purples, black, maroon, baby pink and blue (it becomes their something blue!).


DO dare to experiment.

DON’T go overboard with it, you wouldn’t want to mess with the persona of your bridal wedding dress.


Play with the Color of bridal shoes


4. Something Old

Really love a pair your mom or even grandma wore to her wedding? Grab ‘em before your cousin does. You can get them cleaned and prepped for you to wear. Most women prefer to keep something familiar by their side when they’re taking their vows.


What better way to walk in your future than wearing your mother’s bridal footwear knowing exactly that these feet carried her to her destiny of creating you . . . You nice little perfect human!


DO show off your family heritage on your special day.

DON’T go for it if the size doesn’t fit you, or the shoes doesn’t go with the bridal dress.


Something Old bridal shoes


5. Customize Your Wedding Shoe

Yes. You can design your unique shoe. Many footwear companies provide this amazing service. You can embed the date of your wedding, write a heartfelt message or simply put a quote on your shoe.


It’s a nice way to pamper your feet with something that original.


DO realize that less is more. Minimal detail on your shoes will stand out.

DON’T choose an unreliable company for the task who might not give you the finishing you need.


Customize Your Wedding Shoe


6. Take Your Time

Relax and visit a lot of shops, try in as many shoes as you want before you make a purchase. When you try the shoe on, make sure you walk around a bit in the shop, watch yourself in the mirror and double check if anything might come in the way of a comfortable glide down the aisle.


DO wear your shoes in several times before the big day so that they adjust according to your foot shape.

DON’T order shoes online, ever. You will end up with the wrong size.


We hope you are all set out to purchase your wedding shoes. Keep in mind the pointers and best of luck. We’re so happy for you!


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