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A close up look at gas insert
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A Close up Look at Our Gas Inserts

Traditional fireplaces burn fuel, they have an open hearth and have a chimney flue system. Todays newer fireplace inserts are small units that fit into an existing fireplace space. Fireplace inserts can be electric, gas, wood, or pellet and are often made from steel or cast iron. Fireplace inserts are more like a stove as they enclose the flames in a metal box which creates a closed combustion system


Why choose fireplace inserts?


  • Inserts are cleaner and easier to maintain than a traditional open fireplace
  • Inserts are cheaper to install than open hearth fireplaces
  • You can place the insert into your existing fireplace if you don’t really use it and would like to make it useable and cleaner and more efficient
  • They are better at creating heat and can produce up to five times as much heat than older fireplaces
  • You can still enjoy the look and feel of your old fireplace

Lopi Gas Inserts

Lopi Gas Inserts


Thanks to Lopi gas inserts you can convert your existing brick chimney into an effective and beautiful gas fireplace. These inserts have been designed for simple installation into masonry with a flexible flue and a range of finishing plates and faces to fit into an existing fireplace perfectly. The premium models (DVL and DVS) can be finished with your choice of internal media including Stone Fyre-Art or Driftwood, or two types of traditional logs with the Ember-Fyre or Dancing Fyre log options.




This gas insert has been designed to turn an existing brick fireplace into a stunning heat source that is economical to use, you get to enjoy all that heat from your fire without loosing some of that heat up your chimney. This small gas insert will change your open fireplace into a gas flame fireplace that creates not only warmth, but a lovely ambiance. With a combination of radiant heat, convective heat and reduced depth dimensions this insert is perfect for small to mid-sized masonry fireplaces. The DVS insert features Ember-Fyre a realistic wood like flame with a heat output that is controlled by the GreenSmart gas system. You also have the choice of the Dancing-Fyre burner with a choice of stone, driftwood or traditional log media, and the insert can be personalised to blend in with your existing home decor.




This gas insert has been designed to turn your exiting fireplace into a stunning source of heat. You’ll enjoy all the warmth, with none of the heat lost up your chimney. The DVL GS2 combines radiant heat and convective heat, and, with reduced depth dimensions this insert is perfect for medium to large masonry fireplaces. Great for heating large rooms such as living rooms and comes with ceramic glass to produce greater radiant heat. Combine that with a quiet convection blower it means all the heat is circulated quickly to increase overall efficiency.


Lopi Radiant Plus – Large

The perfect way to convert an existing brick fireplace, and great for large areas. This particular model boasts high heat output, a large viewing area and wood burning display that looks realistic. This insert will make a splash in any room and uses the Green Smart basic system with electronic ignition and an optional standing pilot mode to give you a fast start-up on those cold nights and mornings. Equipped with variable dual blowers that can be switched off if you would rather enjoy radiant heat, and it has been designed to provide year-round comfort that can be tailored to your specific heating needs. There are three face options available to complete the look and a large viewing area that is the largest in its class.


Lopi Radiant Plus Small (available soon)


A compact and small unit that fits where most inserts can’t, so it’s great for smaller masonry fireplaces. Despite its size it features a lovely viewing area and fire display, with Green Smart basic system and an optional standing pilot mode for easy start-up on those cold mornings and nights. With dual blowers that can be switched off completely, it can be tailored to your heating needs, there are three face options available, with, despite it’s size, a large viewing area.


Lopi gas inserts are designed to be installed in your existing fireplace to provide comforting radiant heat and natural convection to warm your home.

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