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How to Wow Your Wedding Guests Twice

How to Wow Your Wedding Guests Twice

Changing her bridal gown twice on the big day has become a trend not only amongst celebrities but everyday brides. Wearing multiple dresses not only allows the bride to experiment with different silhouettes, colours and fabrics, reappearing with a new look after the traditional ceremony will also be a remarkable moment for the guests. Once you have decided to wear two stunning gowns on your wedding day, you will have to plan as changing dresses, which means double fun. To help you schedule your big day, we have put together some tips on how to feature the dual bridal look best.


If you can’t decide between the stunning fit and flare silhouette of Maggie Sottero or the romantic satin gown by Rebecca Ingram, why not have them both? Wearing two bridal dresses is not only about the love for two designers, more so it is a simple option to show different styles of gowns or to differentiate between the ceremony and the reception and make the wedding two different events.


A lot of brides opt for a formal dress when exchanging their vows, as this is usually the traditional part of the wedding ceremony. In many cases, the rest of the day is spent celebrating, and this is when the dresses can a little casual and reflect more of the bride’s personality. Changing into a less embellished figure-hugging gown can also be done for practical reasons if the bride loves a little dance unhindered.


Choosing A Hairstyle


Choosing a hairstyle that goes well with both gowns can be a daunting task for a hairdresser, especially with the clock ticking. It is advisable to opt for hairstyles that are manageable within 30 mins otherwise, the guests will be wondering where the bride disappeared to. Another issue to keep in mind is the makeup and accessories in case such don’t match the two dresses. Out tip is to choose a bridesmaid that helps you change your dresses within minutes as well as considering in advance if you want the wedding photographer to take pictures in both gowns or, just one.


If you plan to change your dress at the reception venue, make sure there is a spare room available as the last thing you will want to do is having to change in a cramped hallway or bathroom with no daylight to adjust your makeup. While your guests are having their first drinks and appetizers at the reception venue, you can easily sneak out and change into your next outfit. To be able to slip into the next gown smoothly, have your bridesmaid lay the second dress and related accessories out and ready to be able to change quickly. It is said that setting an alarm clock often helps to keep track of time when changing into the second outfit.


A lot of brides love the idea of a romantic look for her ceremony dressed in a full ball gown but prefer a sophisticated one during the reception. When shopping for both dresses and looks and are overwhelmed by all the beautiful gowns on the market, let your consultant at bridal wear Sydney help you figure out two amazing looks to wow your guests and make your wedding unforgettable.


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