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Drinking Coffee Affect Your Teeth

How Does Drinking Coffee Affect Your Teeth

Coffee remains among the most enjoyed beverages. It not only stimulates your body but also makes you feel just that. Most people start their day with a hot cup of coffee to feel fresh and energised enough to face the rest of the day. 

There are tonnes of blogs that talk about coffee, some negatively, others positively. You’ll hear things like sleep deprivation, addiction, and more. Dentists also have their fair share of opinion about coffee, particularly with regards to its effect on your teeth?

Are you among those asking the question? If yes, read further to learn more about what experts say about this widely savoured beverage. Your dentist in Parramatta will, of course, tell you that coffee has some specific effects on your teeth. 

Coffee Stains Your Teeth

Taking coffee over a long period stains your teeth enamel. As you drink coffee, it penetrates and gets into the microscopic ridges and pits on your teeth enamel. As time goes, the coffee gets permanently embedded into your enamel, ending up giving it that yellow colourisation. 

The fact that the teeth colourisation associated with taking coffee becomes evident over a long period makes many people not to give it much thought. No one wants to stop enjoying that warm cup of coffee because of some colourisation that’ll only be visible far into the future.

Coffee Doesn’t Damage Teeth Enamel

If you want many people to stop taking coffee, tell them that it damages teeth enamel. Fortunately, studies have revealed that coffee does nothing to your teeth apart from the discolourisation. Just walk into any dental clinic Parramatta and ask about the effects of coffee on your teeth and you’ll get to understand that it’ll only discolour your teeth. 

However, it’s critical to underscore that the scope of this article doesn’t cover any other health problems associated with coffee intake, whether for a short or an extended period. As for your dental health, you can be sure that you’ll be fine, save for the colour of your teeth.

What You Can Do to Avoid Discolourisation

Are you concerned about the possible discolourisation of your teeth, but also not ready to stop taking coffee? If that’s true, you can put measures in place to reduce the staining effect of coffee on your teeth. To maintain that beautiful smile without stopping your coffee intake, ensure you drink water after coffee. The water will help wash out coffee that’d be left in your mouth. Another way of reducing the discolourisation effect of coffee on your teeth is to add milk and reduce the amount of coffee you take in a cup.

Taking measures to reduce the discolourisation of your teeth isn’t a replacement for your dentist Parramatta. Visit your dental clinic Parramatta and have your teeth checked and cleaned regularly. That not only helps you to maintain clean and white teeth but also makes it possible for you to maintain perfect oral health in general.

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