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Benefits of Installing Custom Wardrobes

The bedroom and the living room are probably the spaces where you spent most of your time when at home. A wardrobe is one of the most conspicuous fittings in any bedroom that showcases your personal taste. Some of the popular wardrobes currently available in the market include built-in wardrobes, sling door wardrobes, hinged wardrobes, and so forth.

Lately, a majority of homeowners have shown preference to custom wardrobes over the readymade models. Here are the top reasons for this growing trend.

Adds Value to Your Home

Custom designed wardrobes significantly increase the value of your property. This is because they have bigger storage spaces than standard readymade options. You might not be planning to sell your home soon, but it is good to know that you will get a respectable amount if you opt to take such a decision.

Unique Design

As the name suggests, custom wardrobes are made to your exact specifications. You decide the budget, design, and size of the furniture. Even better, professional designers will assist you in identifying the best option that makes the most of your space and budget.

The customisation aspect also means that you can make the wardrobe match the same theme as your walls or other furniture in your home. You can also add accessories such as mirrors and stylish drawers and apply a premium glass finish to enhance the outlook of your bedroom.

Optimisation of Space

Another advantage of custom wardrobes over freestanding variants is that they use spaces efficiently. You can have a design that covers the entire space from the ceiling to the floor. Custom wardrobes can also obscure any hideous parts of your wall. Readymade options, on the other hand, often leave large spaces unused because they can’t be modified. Although you can place items on the empty spaces, this would compromise the organisation and tidiness of your bedroom.

Better Organisation

Standard wardrobes have limited storage spaces because of their smaller sizes. Contrarily, custom wardrobes have large storage spaces that allow you to organise your outfits in a better manner. This means that you can comfortably fit your shirts, dresses, trousers and shoes, as well as accessories such as ties, belts and scarves. In addition, custom wardrobes can easily be adjusted without compromising their stability.


Custom wardrobes have a longer lifetime as compared to readymade models. Because they are designed to suit your needs, it is highly unlikely that they will ever crumble because of the weight of your clothes. Furthermore, professionals often use high-quality materials to construct them, ensuring they withstand years of constant use.

Readymade wardrobes are the easier-to-install and slightly cheaper option, but, custom wardrobes can elevate the room to another level.


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