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The Perfect Man Cave Entertainment Setup

The man cave, the iconic home away from home. A place where the boys can play out of harm’s way, with smiles on their faces, surrounded by big boy toys and most importantly, the mateship. Here, we take a closer look at what it takes to create the perfect man cave entertainment setup. The man cave is a place to forget about the outside world and what better way to do it with a bunch of entertaining distractions.

The HiFi

The Hifi system is a minimum requirement for man cave amenities. You need a system with decent sound quality so you can play all your records while knocking back a cold one after a hard week at the office. It all depends on your budget. You can pick up a cheap HiFi and record player for a few hundred dollars. At the other end of the spectrum, you can also pay over $50 000 for a high-end hi-fi system with tube-driven valves. The warm dulcet tones will be, well, music to your ears and food for your soul.

A Pool Table

A pool table is another essential accessory for the man cave. The boys can shoot shop while shooting pool. Many of life’s problems have been fixed in the man cave while having a game of pool. Yes, you will need a big shed if you’re going to fit a pool table in there. So, remember to keep in mind when purchasing your shed.

The Shed

You would think the shed would be first on the list. But no, you need to know how you’re going to deck it out beforehand. This way you will know what size garden sheds to buy. Make a list of everything that you are going to put in it and draw up a rough floor plan. Oh, and allow space for future additions to the cave such as an air hockey table, and you’ll need space for a jamming area when you start a band with your mates.’

The Lounge Area

You’re going to need a large television for watching sports and playing video games. A T.V. that’s way too big for the shed, but you’ll manage to squeeze it in somehow. Attached to the television should be a gaming system. Again, this all depends on personal preference. Are you a PlayStation or Xbox fan? Are you a retro gamer or do you like the state of the art? Speaking of retro gaming. No man cave can be complete without an arcade machine.

There are companies now that create stand up retro arcade machines loaded with every game under the sun including the old favourites like Street Fighter 2 and Blood Bros. They go for about two grand.

You’ll need a comfortable L shaped lounge suit to relax on while you are watching the game. The lounge suit will also provide a barrier that separates the entertainment area from the rest of the shed. You will also need a rug, nothing too fancy as it will haven for dropped chips and spilled drinks.

The Bar

Are you a mahogany or oak man? A finely crafted timber bar is a necessity for the perfect man cave. Intelligent conversation can be exhausting, so make sure your bar is lined with comfortable stools. You will need shelving behind the bar lined with LED lights to illuminate the extensive range of single malt whiskeys and boutique bourbons. And no bar is complete without a beer fridge. The bigger and the colder, the better.

Exhaust Fan

If you plan on closing the doors for ultimate privacy away from the prying ears and eyes of the missus, you are going need some serious ventilation. An exhaust fan can be fitted to the roof or the side of the shed to suck out all the stale air. Whirlybirds will suffice if you’re budget-conscious. Whirlybirds are those spinning things you see on top of sheds and factories in case you were wondering.


You could cover your walls with posters from old gigs, taxidermy animals, and sporting memorabilia. Lighting should be bright enough to see a pool ball but dark enough to calm the mind.

And there you have it. The perfect man cave entertainment setup. A setup similar to this will provide you with a place to unwind or escape. That all depends on how much trouble you’ re in from your partner for spending so much money on the damn man cave.


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