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Why Your Home Needs a Roller Shutter

Security is a concern for many Australians. That’s why almost all homes are kept under lock and key every second. Many  go as far as installing advanced surveillance systems to keep criminals as far away as possible.

Homeowners are constantly buying new gates and padlocks. They’re always on the lookout for anything that promises higher security than what’s already in the market. Aware of this need, manufacturers of gates, doors, windows, and locks are also constantly churning out new products to the market.

Among the most sought after products are roller shutters. Flaunted as some of the most secure, roller shutters continue to reign in the real estate industry.

If you’re asking yourself why roller shutters are the top choice for many homeowners, check out the advantages below.


Extra Home Security

Roller shutters are known to provide high-level security to your home. Experience has it that many customers who’re asking about roller shutters are doing so because they had a traditional door and were unfortunately robbed. They’re, therefore, switching to roller shutters as an upgrade, understanding that roller shutters are more secure. It’s not for nothing that they’re considered secure. Truly, most of them are made of hardened metals like aluminium among others.


Digital Operation Option

Most of the traditional doors are made to be operated manually. On the other hand, most roller shutters come with a digital operation option. You can use a remote to control your door, gate, or window. Some can be controlled using a computer or a mobile phone. The roller shutters also come with the option to operate them manually, which is a good option in case of a power failure.


Protection from Fire and Heat

If you’re living in the parts of Australia where bush fires are common, you should consider installing a roller shutter that withstands high heat. Some are made such that heat can’t penetrate through them and damage things in the house.


Noise Reduction

At times it’s quite a challenge when you want to sleep and your neighbours are holding a party. If you’re not careful, the noise might too much that you’d find it difficult to sleep. If your home has roller shutter doors and windows, the noise from the neighbours would be cut down by about 50% if you closed them. With such a drop in noise level, you can enjoy your sleep without creating a scene with your neighbours.

As technology advances, roller shutters are also advancing in security features. Many Australian homeowners who’re implementing IoT opt for roller shutters because they can be integrated with computer systems and be operated alongside other home devices.

If you want to try them out, feel free to walk down the street and ask around for them. You’ll be surprised by how reasonably priced they are.


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