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Best Ideas for Small Spaces to Make your Home Feel Bigger

A small space can feel cosy when properly organised. However, the opposite is true. If disorganised, a tiny room looks cramped and creates an unsightly mess. That said, it takes time and effort to make room in a small space. 

Thankfully, you can use the tips mentioned below to create an illusion that your small space is big. 

Remove the Clutter

Having too much stuff makes tiny spaces appear cramped. If you own items that you don’t often use, devise ways to remove the extra stuff from your room and store them in a chest, shelf, or closet. When you put clutter out of sight, your house will feel open and orderly.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional pieces of furniture serve their primary purpose and allow you to stash goods as well. For instance, you can build drawers under your bed such that you sleep on them and keep your clothes or footwear in the drawers. You can also do the same to your benches, enabling you to keep books, magazines, and other belongings that would otherwise take up valuable space.

Make Room Behind Your Doors

Although they’re often overlooked, doors help create more space in small rooms. You can get more storage areas to keep handbags, belts, ties, and other small accessories by adding hooks behind your doors. Attach organisers to the cabinet doors for keeping spices, foil, and plastic wrap in the kitchen. 

Use White Paint

Because of its inherent reflective qualities, white paint makes a room feel airy, calm, and serene. When you have an all-white room, you create a cloud-like effect. It also blurs the boundary between the ceiling and your walls, making the ceiling appear higher. 

You can add warmth to an all-white room by incorporating wooden furniture and textured elements such as rugged wool throws. You can also choose warmer shades of white. 

Use Glass 

Using transparent materials makes items appear farther, creating an illusion of a bigger space. For example, if you have a small bathroom, using clear and frameless glass can make it feel bigger. You can also use glass on tabletops. Alongside a metal, stone, or wood base, the table will open up the view and make your room spacious.

Mount Your TV

A media console covers a large space and inconveniences movement, especially in a small living room. One of the smart ways to make your room spacious is by mounting your TV on the wall or above the fireplace. This way, you’ll regain additional floor space.

Better yet, you can hide your TV.  All you need to do is put it inside a credenza or disguise it as artwork. This particularly applies to people whose living rooms double up as dining areas. 

Get a Wall Desk

Do you want to create a home office in your tiny room? If you can’t find space, consider getting a wall desk. It consumes less room and allows you to mount shelves to create additional storage. 


These are just a few ideas on how to make small spaces feel bigger. Always remember that lighting, using scaled furniture, and adding more reflective surfaces are the most effective ways of creating an illusion of spaciousness. Lastly, make sure that you get rid of clutter regularly so that your house doesn’t look cramped. 

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