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5 Awesome gift ideas for your husband in this Christmas

5 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Husband This Christmas

Shopping for the average man is relatively easy. Give him alcohol and something sports-related, and he’s happy. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and you know your husband better than most people, so you’re the best person to put something under the tree that he will love. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are a few thought starters.

1.      Beer gift hamper


Most men are simple creatures, and they are visually driven. This concept is usually mentioned in relation to their tastes regarding the opposite sex, but that’s not necessarily the case. A man can actually experience a lot of happiness just by looking at a powerful car, a talented sports personality, or a well-chilled bottle of beer.

The beer, of course, appeals to his other senses as well. Its comforting shape, curvy and cool to the touch. The refreshing drops sliding down its sides. It’s distinct smell. It’s rich, frothy texture. It’s crisp, satisfying taste. He would be quite pleased with a gift basket full of well-selected beers and accompanying snacks.

2.      Classy whisky stones


Some men prefer a well-aged whisky to a chilled beer bottle. However, a whisky lover is likely to always have a healthy and consistent supply in his decanter. So while you can buy him a special  Christmas gift, there’s one way to make it a little more special.

You already know how your husband likes to drink his whisky, whether he prefers it neat or teased with soda, neat or on the rocks. But you might not know that 50 degrees is the ideal temperature to make whisky sharp without muting its rich woody tones. Ice cubes often make the drink too cold. Plus, they dilute the whisky’s taste, flavour, and potency.

So … gift him whisky stones instead. You can chill them in the freezer and cool his drink without worrying about the melted ice watering it down. They look classy, and they’re fully re-usable. Made of natural soapstone, they are sold in sets of nine. Combine them with elegant whisky glasses and maybe a large bottle of his favourite whisky brand.

5 Awesome gift ideas for your husband this Christmas

3.      Monthly cologne subscription


For the man who likes to smell as good as he looks, cologne makes the perfect gift. Some wives will try to ‘train’ their husbands by buying her favourite masculine scent for him so that he always smells exactly how she wants him to. But … you’ll get far more brownie points by letting him decide what he likes. Of course, that’s not as simple as it seems.

One way to ease the process is to buy him a cologne subscription that sends him a new scent every month. It comes in a stylish, reusable case and there are 150 designer brands to choose from, so he can try them all out until he settles on his favourite. With any luck, he might even let you pick his new signature bottle.

4.      Grilled cheesemaker


Do you sometimes wish he’d just make his sandwich? He might if it was fun. Get him a rugged looking single-serve sandwich maker. Its unfinished metallic look makes it seem like something he knocked to gather in the garage, which will delight his inner craftsman. It has an equally rustic rosewood handle that prevents burns while making it easy to use.

The grill makes one sandwich at a time, so it’s quick, convenient and easy to use. The metal is stainless steel and cast aluminium, and the grill can be dismantled for easy cleaning. It doesn’t use electricity, so it’s perfect for camping, outdoor grills, or power cuts. Just load your sandwich and hold the grill over an open fire, whether it’s a bonfire or gas stove.

5.      Retro iPad / iPhone case


Apple products are so elegantly designed that it often seems a shame to cover up that beauty with an unsightly case. However, while the top end gorilla glass may be safe from scratches, it can’t beat gravity. If you must have a case to prevent shattering the screen or back of your gadget, you should probably get something that reflects your quirky personality.

If your husband is an old-school kind of a nerd, there are two gift options that are bound to delight him. For his iPad, get a stand that is shaped like a retro TV set from the 50s. It’s made from recycled cardboard, so it’s not particularly protective, but it will light up his inner nerd. For his phone, get a case designed to look like an 80s cassette tape. He’ll love it.

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