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Gift Ideas For Him

Gift Ideas for Him

Giving gifts is a minefield at the best of times. You want to buy something the person will like, but you want it to say something about you. The gift should portray a facet of your personality, or show this person how you feel about them. It shouldn’t be too extravagant, but you don’t want to look cheap. It should be memorable, but not over-the-top.

With all these provisions to navigate, it’s no wonder that most people end up with flowers and socks. Of course, an easy way to get around that is to send a gift hamper. At best, it gives you an excuse to go all out with many little presents, each with its own special significance. At worst, it has so many items that one of them is bound to hit the right spot.

The next step is wondering what hamper to give. If the man you’re shopping for is your dad, brother, or husband, you may be familiar with his likes and dislikes. This should make it easier to find the kind of package that you know he’d enjoy.

If it’s a boss or colleague, you could go with something generic … like socks. Gourmet hamper specialists have perfected the art of gifting. They can make anything look classy, and might couple those socks with alcohol and nuts for a little more pizzazz.

There’s a danger in buying drinks for a man though. Turns out a lot of them interpret this as a come-on rather than a harmless invitation to enjoy a good drink. That does make things a little harder, since getting a drink he likes seems like the obvious gift choice. That and socks.

Fortunately, there’s one gift that would probably work well on any man, whether it’s your granddad or that cutie from Accounts that you’ve been checking out. Get him a mixology set. This professional bartending kit contains 11 customised bar-room tools.

If the guy in question knows anything about mixing drinks, he will geek out over the endoblade and jet mister, so be prepared for a detailed dissection of what they are and how they work. But even the average guy will be excited by all these shiny new toys. He’ll be dying to experiment with them and discover what they do.

A mixology hamper works on your significant other as well, since it invites him to dazzle you with scintillating cocktails. And if it’s just a crush, what better way to subtly ask him to buy you a drink … or fix you one instead?

Would your dear old dad enjoy this gift? Yes, because it gives him a chance to show off those skills he learned bar-tending in the army or introducing you to that questionable concoction he and his college buddies used to chug. As for your son, well, as long as he’s legal, giving him something he can use to impress girls will definitely put in in the ‘cool mum’ book.

If you’re concerned that these precious drinking goodies will be lost, don’t worry. The kit comes with a leather cocktail roll fitted with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It makes the mixology kit conveniently portable, so he can carry it from party to party.

Sometimes, you’re at a point in the relationship where you don’t know where you stand. Is it too soon for an expensive gift? Will he think you’re sending hidden signals? The beauty of this hamper is that it’s neutral. It says you care enough to buy him something but doesn’t imply anything heavy one way or the other.

But if you do want to be more direct, say it clearly in the included gift card. Men aren’t good at taking hints, so try spelling out your intentions in simple, unmistakable English. And throw in a few shots of his favorite drink. Good luck!

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