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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A bathroom is an integral part of the home and not just a space for cleaning up. It’s where we begin our days or retreat after a hard day’s work. Therefore, it goes without question that space must be stress-free and appealing. You can make your bathroom attractive and inviting by adding various accessories and taking up current renovation trends. Here are some bathroom renovation ideas for your bathroom. 


For the longest time marble has been used in various rooms in and around the house to enhance appearance. The marble looks good on any surface. From countertops and floors to walls, the application of marble is boundless. You can use marble to cover your entire bathroom including the walls,floor and ceiling. Single-coloured marble helps avoid a chaotic appearance but the good colour and pattern combinations offer diversity in style


Bathroom tiles are another bathroom renovation idea. Tiles come in unique shapes that make them appealing to homeowners. Modern production has made it possible to create various shapes and patterns for tiles. The process is simpler and faster making the possibilities boundless.  

Hexagonal and diamond-shaped tiles are popular. They give a geometric appearance that is easy on the eye and stunning. Tiles with the chevron pattern are also a favorite among interior designers. You can use them on bathroom backsplashes or as a flooring option.


Wooden vanities are a fine selection for bathroom renovations. They give a natural edge to the existing design and add to the relaxing ambience. Most wooden vanities have sufficient storage space. If you need to paint the vanities, you have a catalogue of colours to choose from. Nonetheless, the original wooden finish has its own unique appeal and can save you the trouble of picking a different colour for the fitting.


Although it will require you to dig deeper into your pockets, the use of technology in the bathroom will maximize your comfort and increase the worth of your home. Heating your bathroom floor is one way that you can apply technology to renovate the bathroom. Also, you can install under-counter electrical devices and operate your shower through smart controls.

Standalone Tubs

With the rising popularity of walk-in showers, freestanding tubs have become a trend. The design makes the bathtub a central piece in the bathroom and makes it inviting for the user.


Proper lighting has the potential to transform the energy dissemination in a bathroom. LED lighting gives out a bright glow light that calms the mind and body. Apart from being sustainable, these lights consume less power and are more durable than traditional bulbs. LED lights will leave your bathroom brighter and looking fresh. To create an intentional ambience, the intensity and colour of your lights have a huge role to play. Adjustable lights are also on the table if you want flexibility.

Shower Enclosures

There is an assortment of shower enclosure designs that you can choose. Shower enclosures and booths have advanced in functionality and design. They are available in a range of styles, sizes and configurations. 

You can also update your shower stall in a glossy or matte finish to give it a timeless and elegant look. Unique glass designs also add sophistication of texture and colour in the bathroom. 

There are a variety of ways to renovate your bathroom and break away from the traditional trends. Technological upgrades and the application of bold accents will transform your bathroom and set it apart from the others. Do not be afraid to try current trends or update rustic designs to transform your bathroom.


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