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Father's Day Gifts hampers

Father’s Day Gifts for the New Dad

The birth of a child is a magical time and one could say it is when a boy really grows up and becomes a man. As the child enters his life, so does a new found wisdom that comes with the responsibility of raising a child. It’s quite an adjustment for everyone involved. Priorities shift, perspectives change and the parents really begin to see what’s really important in life. The joyous occasion of a delightful new addition to the family is a means to celebrate to mark the occasion. Both parents deserve a little something for all their hard work and discipline during the labour.

In this post, we will take a look at some gift hampers for the new dad to celebrate the beginning of a new life and to show appreciation for all his patience, understanding and helpfulness over the pregnancy period and during the labor.

Fishing Equipment

The new father would probably appreciate some quiet time to himself after his parenting duties have been done and what better way to do it than a spot of fishing. It’s the ideal past time to get away from the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced city life and get back to nature. Fishing is also great for the whole family to spend some quality time together. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood was fishing with my dad. We never did catch much fish, but it was all about the ritual. My baby brother and I would play in the water and eagerly await my Dad to reel in the big one. It never did happen, but it didn’t matter.

Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Hamper

This is the ideal gift for the new parents to celebrate their new gift to the world or wetting the baby’s head as we call it Australia. A toast to new beginnings and a happy and healthy life to follow. The hamper contains a bottle of the world-renowned Don Perignon champagne and some gourmet chocolate treats, all beautifully wrapped to mark the special occasion.

Nintendo Switch

The Switch is Nintendo’s latest foray into the portable gaming market. This is a great console and the perfect gift for the young at heart. It features HD graphics that have to be seen to be believed and it will offer hours of entertainment when the kids have gone to bed. Also when the baby gets a bit older the father and child can enjoy some quality bonding time as the two of them have fun and play on the system.

Gift Baskets for Him

Well Groomed Men’s Hamper

New parents barely have time to scratch their head let alone keeping up with grooming. They are too busy adjusting to their new life of parenthood. This hamper is a great gift for the time poor new father. It contains all the manly essentials to keep his appearance looking fresh, such as all the shaving essentials, a toiletries bag, and boot polish, all presented beautifully in a gift box.

Netflix Subscription

Both parents will appreciate this gift, for nights of broken sleep, for the in-between periods of tending to the new bubs every need. Netflix is the new way to watch television, with all the best shows and movies on demand.

Grill Master Gift Hamper

The birth of a child tends to bring family and friends together to celebrate and what better way to do it than the traditional Aussie basket. This hamper has all the essentials needed to get your BBQ underway. It has an apron and utensils so the new dad is kitted up before he steps up to the barbeque plate and starts flipping steaks. Also featured in the basket is some gourmet goodies such as sauce, relish, and some antipasto delights.

Detox Wellness Gift Basket

The new father’s new lifestyle may need a nudge along to let go of some of the old past times of partying with friends. The Detox Wellness Gift Basket will aid him getting all the old days out of his system. The basket contains everything that is needed to detox the body as well as treating himself to some quality skin care products.

Gym Equipment

Being a father is hard tiring work and it’s easy to fall out of your exercise routine. The time-poor parents will be struggling to find time to go to the gym. So, if they have some gym equipment around the house it will much easier to sneak a quick workout in. Mum’s looking to get back into shape after bub will be sure to appreciate this gift, too.

These are just a few ideas on what to give the new father this Father’s Day. So, let’s celebrate the gift of life and may many happy returns fill us will contentment and joy. Cheers to life and cheers to the new dad.


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