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How To Assess The Condition of Your Roller Shutter

Residential and commercial roller shutters are undeniably dependable when it comes to security, whether for your home or business. They’re not only easy to operate but are also strong and durable. What’s more, roller shutters offer high-level security without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your premises.


They work to improve aesthetics

Over the years, roller shutters have improved in both quality and design, a reason why more homeowners are overhauling their structures to replace their windows, doors, and gates with roller shutters. The fact that they can also be integrated with modern security systems such as alarms makes them over them more attractive to everyone who’d like to get that extra touch of modernism.

However, like every other machine or equipment, Blockout roller shutters also get damaged or worn out because of one reason or another. It’s, therefore, essential that you evaluate the condition of your roller shutters regularly.

As you conduct the assessment, below are some of the things to look out for.

Smooth Operation

Electronic or manual, roller shutters work very smoothly. This smoothness can be lost because of damage or lack of proper maintenance. As soon as you realise that your roller shutter isn’t as smooth as it’s supposed to be, conduct a thorough diagnosis to ascertain the problem. Whether you’re using aluminium roller shutters or any other made from other materials, lack of smoothness in the operation of a roller shutter calls for a complete appraisal to see if the parts that require lubrication are lubricated properly.

Noise During Operation

Most roller shutters make some sound while in use. The type of roller shutter determines the volume of the sound. However, if you realise that the noise is higher than usual, it’s time you ran a complete evaluation of the roller shutter to ascertain its status. You can kick off the process by assessing the parts that need lubrication. In the case of a motorised roller shutter, also confirm that the motor is also lubricated properly. As part of a further diagnosis, whether for an indoor or exterior roller shutters for windows or other entrances, confirm that every part of the roller shutter is fitted properly. Roller shutters may also make noise because some parts have become loose during use.

Check for Friction and Corrosion

The biggest enemy of metallic parts is friction and corrosion. Therefore, you must always ensure that no metallic parts are rubbing against each other if they’re not intended to. Where the rubbing parts are meant to be lubricated, confirm if they’re indeed lubricated. If, on the other hand, the friction is between parts that don’t require lubrication and they’re not to be in contact, assess if balancing parts would do away with the friction. If, unfortunately, you can’t figure out what’s causing the friction, call a roller shutter repairer to diagnose and have the problem fixed. As a side note, it’s good to know that using your roller shutters is one way of ensuring that they last long. If you don’t use them regularly, some parts may end up getting damaged. It’s recommended that you use your roller shutters at least once or twice a week and provide regular maintenance.

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