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Why We Trust Dieselcraft

Dieselcraft is a reputable company that has existed since 2002. Their standout kit contains a diesel centrifuge, an auxiliary air pump with a 5-foot hosepipe, a fitting kit, and a mountain plate. This equipment is highly efficient and can remove contaminants as small as one micron. Here are some reasons why we trust dieselcraft.

Benefits of Using Dieselcraft Oil Centrifuge

  1. Cleaner Oil – this results in higher engine efficiency and prolongs its life.
  2. 50% longer oil life – increased efficiency means you don’t have to replace oil more often.
  3. Reduced engine wear – high-quality oil prevents moving parts from wearing down quickly.
  4. Longer service intervals – you won’t have to service your vehicle frequently with this equipment.
  5. Lower maintenance costs – it’s much cheaper to maintain an engine that uses Dieselcraft products.
  6. Eco-friendly – higher combustion efficiency means that your engine produces less smoke that hurts the environment.
  7. Reduced waste disposal costs – you won’t have to dispose of waste as often due to increased efficiency.

How it Works

The pressure generated by your engine spins the centrifuge, enabling it to remove contaminants as small as one micron.

For every gallon of diesel burned by your engine, 0.0048 ounces of soot enters it. This soot clogs the moving parts, increasing the rate of wear and tear.

Many vehicle owners don’t know that standard oil filters don’t trap most of this soot. The reason? They have a full-flow design that can only filter to 25 microns.

It’s worth noting that 25-micron filters have a maximum efficiency of 80%, meaning that 20% of smaller contaminants go on to wear out your engine. Moreover, the average thickness of oil films ranges between five and 20 microns. Particles as small as four microns can also cause significant damage to your engine components.

Unlike standard oil filters, the Dieselcraft Centrifuge removes contaminants from your engine oil by generating a centrifugal force estimated 2,000 times greater than gravity.

As mentioned earlier, pressure from your engine spins the rotor. The resultant force separates the solid contaminants from the main oil supply. This moves the solids to the inside walls of the rotor, which is easier to clean. The process is thorough. It removes contaminants as small as one micron, reducing the wear on your engine by over 50%.

Interestingly, the Dieselcraft centrifuge cleans your engine oil without affecting performance. This isn’t the case with standard filters, which remove the solids and hold them for a while. This affects the performance of your engine over time.

Because it doesn’t interfere with oil flow, Dieselcraft extends your oil change intervals, making it a cost-effective solution. It’s even with synthetic oils, as you won’t have to change oil for at least 1,000 hours.

A car’s most crucial component is its engine. It’s also among its most expensive parts, which is why you need to take utmost care of it. Part of this maintenance and servicing is applying engine oil that prevents the wearing down of moving parts.

Like other constituents, you need to clean engine oil to keep it a prime working condition. This is where Dieselcraft centrifuges come in handy. They offer better efficiency, ensuring that your engine lasts longer. Lastly, this product is cost-effective as it guarantees longer oil change intervals, eco-friendly, and reduces waste disposal costs.

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