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Whey protein

Whey Protein: A Weight Loss Tool

Most people wrongly believe that protein shakes are only used for gaining muscle. The reality is that these supplements are also useful to people who want to lose weight.

Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements in the nutrition industry. It is a byproduct of cheese-making, where it is sourced from the liquid that remains once the cheese is extracted.  The powder produced from the milk is regarded as a complete protein because it contains all of the nine essential amino acids with a low concentration of lactose.

Whey protein

Although it is mostly used to help in muscle development, studies show it can assist with weight loss by initiating the breakdown of fat tissues.  That said, you need to be careful about how you take whey protein if your objective is to reduce weight. A careless consumption of protein shakes can increase your calorie intake and make you fat.

How to Use Whey Protein for Weight Loss

There are four ways of using whey protein to induce weight loss. These include taking it as a meal replacement, a substitute for snacks, before meals, and after workouts.

Whey as a Meal Replacement

The best way of losing weight is by reducing your food intake. Whey protein shakes can help on this front by acting as meal replacements. Instead of taking a heavy breakfast or lunch, you can make a fruit or vegetable smoothie with a dash of whey protein. The addition of this supplement will keep you energized and suppress your appetite, such that you do not need to eat.

Whey as a Snack Replacement

As mentioned above, whey protein keeps you feeling full for extended periods. For this reason, they can be a useful substitute for snacks. They are also healthier options since most snacks and fast foods contain high levels of carbohydrates and fats.

Before Meals

If you are going to a party with lots of unhealthy diets, it is advisable to drink whey protein shakes beforehand to prevent overindulgence. Once again, the satiety provided by taking whey ensures that you resist the temptation of eating ‘bad’ foods.

After Workouts

You have to engage in physical activity if you want to lose weight. Drinking whey protein alone cannot produce significant results. Ideally, you should consume the supplement after resistance training if you want to shed extra fat from your body. The recommended intake for post-workout protein shakes is two scoops of protein for men and a single scoop for women. Another advantage of protein shakes is that they are easier to drink that eating foods containing a similar level of protein, especially after intense exercising.


You should not entirely rely on protein shakes as your only source of body-building foods. Keep in mind that eating a balanced diet is crucial if you want to regulate your weight. Make sure that your meals contain adequate amounts of fibres, minerals and vitamins.

Your daily supplement intake should not exceed two servings. Once you attain your goals, reduce it to one scoop per day. Ideally, the single-serving should be taken after a workout to aid in muscle retention. 

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