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Why Water Tanks are in Fashion

The most popular water tank in Australia today is the food grade UV stabilised polyethylene tank. They are economically produced using a rotational moulding process and they can be produced in large numbers.


Question: What are water tanks used for?

Answer: They can store rain water runoff from your home that can be used to water your garden and lawn, or wash your car or boat. The water a rainwater tank stores is free and can be used for any outdoor activities


Question: How are rainwater tanks made?

Answer: Polyethylene water tanks are made using a roto moulding or plastic welding process. Two pieces of heat softened polyethylene are joined together through the welding process.


Question: What sort of plastics make a polyethylene water tank?

Answer: Water tanks used for storage are made from a range of polyethylene chemicals – which are a light chemically resistant thermo polyethylene which is the most commonly used polyethylene resin. Different versions of this chemical have different properties, which when put together give you a water tank that is light, durable, strong and has a high melting point.


Question: What are the advantages of a polyethylene water tank Vs a metal one?

Answer: Plastic water tanks have a seamless construction which gives them greater strength, they also are resistant to rust and corrosion. These tanks are economical, conventional and the most widely used style of water tank in Australia.


Why Water Tanks are in Fashion


Water is something we just can’t live without. In Australia, our summers are long and hot and if you want to be able to water your gardens, keep your lawn green or wash your car a water tank captures this valuable asset.

There are many good reasons to install a rainwater tank on your property – today – most new homes have a rainwater tank installed as a part of their build. Rainwater tanks can be installed in the backyard of any home – new or old if the homeowner decides a water tank is a good and viable option for keeping their garden watered.

The cheapest water storage option is the round water tank, due to its structure it is quite strong. If you have a smaller space available, or prefer something that’s *more out of the way* slimline tanks are also available, these fit into narrow spaces quite well, they are a little more expensive because they cost more to produce.

Water tanks can be installed both above ground and below ground, with the two most popular water tanks being metal or polyethylene.

  • Polyethylene tanks are durable, light, easy to transport, non-corrosive and UV resistant. They come in different sizes and can be  placed above ground or inground because they can resist outside temperatures. If damaged they are easy to repair.
  • Metal tanks are made from stainless steel or galvanised steel, they are light, easy to transport and come in a range of sizes. They are suitable for above and below ground and can be custom made, the surface can be flat, coated or corrugated.

You can get a range of pumps and accessories for your rainwater tank, depending on its intended use.

  • If you want fresh, clean drinking water you need filters
  • To remove any vegetable matter from the water first flush diverters will help to remove it
  • If you are having your water tank installed below ground, you will need a manhole cover to allow for access to the tank if needed
  • If you are using your water tank as a rainwater tank – rain heads will come in handy
  • To tell how full your tank is you need a tank level gauge
  • Overflow strainers

There are many different gadgets and accessories you can buy for your water tank, it all comes down to what you need your water tank to do.

Water tanks are ecofriendly and low maintenance, they only need to be cleaned out every two to three years


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