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The market has been providing ample opportunities for day traders to make a healthy bit of money. In this piece, we are going to examine 3 stocks that have been showing exceptional growth. These stocks are YECO (Yulong Eco – Materials Ltd; NASDAQ), AKER (Akers Biosciences Incorporated; NASDAQ) and NIO (Nio Incorporated; NYSE). These stocks may be taken as opportunities for local investors as well as investors participating in international share trading.

Yulong Eco – Materials Limited

Yulong is a manufacturing company in the business of making eco – friendly building products. Among the company’s portfolio of products are ready-mixed concrete as well as fly – ash bricks for residential projects as well as commercial projects.

YECO is a low float stock standing at just over a million shares. They recently signed an agreement to acquire Michelangelo’s legendary masterpiece of art – Crucifixion which will have a positive bearing on the stock’s impression to the investors and as such the price should continue rising. The stock has had a history of exploding in the past and having multiple spikes. The stock recently bounced from its previous resistance which then formed its support. This implies that investors are very bullish about the stock. Another factor to account for, especially for those involved in day trading of stocks, is insider ownership. Insider ownership stands at about 55%. This may not quite a worrying factor as insiders need to go through quite a bureaucratic process that requires as much as different filings. Another important consideration is institutional owners. These are companies or firms that have a stake in the company and actually have a bearing on the stock’s current price. For YECO, institutional bodies own less than 1% of the stock so they have no impact on the stock.

This may be a good stock to add your portfolio.

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Nio Incorporated

Nio is an automobile manufacturer from China with its headquarters in Shanghai. The company specializes in the design, production and development of electric autonomous vehicles. This is already a promising sign as the company is invested in products that are just being introduced into the market and are increasingly becoming popular in the world. The American equivalent of this company would be Tesla. The company is also involved in the FIA Formula E Championship, an all-electric racing series.

NIO has a larger float as compared to YECO; this implies that the stock is not as volatile. This is because a larger float would require more investors to move in a singular direction in order to significantly affect the share price. The float on this stock stands at 160 million and institutional investors own about 21% of the stock. This is much more significant than YECO, but it does protect investors from large volatility within the market. Thus, this stock may only be applicable to investors with big margin accounts. The stock has been holding the 7.90$ resistance.

Akers Biosciences

Akers Biosciences develops in – vitro diagnostic technologies that for the purpose of accelerating the rate at which clinicians can obtain health information.

Recently, the company announced its intention to merge their business with marijuana – producing company. This may be seen as a promising move for investors. The use of recreational marijuana has grown immensely in 2018 especially with the legalization of marijuana use in the US. Marijuana companies have popped up everywhere and companies are already reporting large profits from sales of marijuana. Furthermore, medical marijuana has been shown to help patients with tremors and other medical conditions.

The stock then exploded. This may look like a good buy, but the company announced some poor earnings before this (perhaps the announcement was to save face) and it would be best for investors to avoid this stock.


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