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Update Your Bedroom This New Year

The New Year signifies new beginnings which is why it offers the perfect opportunity to make a few changes to your interior decor. Your bedroom is the most intimate part of your house which makes it the perfect room to shake up as you begin your new year. Your living room, kitchen and other living areas need to be decorated with your guests and family members in mind. Your bedroom, however, is your domain, and it can be furnished to fit the personality of its occupant(s).

Depending on your budget, you can either choose to make a few additions to your furniture, replace an existing fixture with an improved version or go all out for a full remodel. The size of your bedroom also determines how much you can include in your New Year ‘update’.

Living Room

The most obvious place to start when you are making changes to your bedroom decor is your bed. Most people spend approximately 8 hours (a third of your day) sleeping, so you should be more permissive with your budget (within reason) when choosing your bed. There are countless designs available when selecting a bed, and if you have the right furniture maker, you can even opt for a custom design that reflects your personality.

If you want a ready-made bed option, then you need to consider beds that adopt the Italian design. The Versilia is one of the designs that really add character to your bedroom. It comes with a black and dark grey finish that make a bold statement about your personality. You can choose to either have it in king or queen sizes, and the bed comes with accompanying fixtures such as a headboard with reading lights, a dresser and a nightstand. You can opt to use brighter colours with your bed linens that will contrast beautifully with the dark finish or maintain the subdued dark coloured theme for a sleeker look. The bed and its accompanying furniture items are all made from polished Koto hardwood which guarantees its durability.

If you have a large bedroom, then you should also look into adding to its functionality by creating a private seating area for you to relax. This is especially true for individuals/couples who have small children. Sometimes you need a bit of peace to enjoy a book, listen to some music or just to relax with your thoughts. You can either opt for couches or a chaise lounge when you want to rest in peace.

One of the most common New Year resolutions is to become more organised in your personal and professional life. The bedroom is one of the most cluttered spaces since it is only accessible to its occupants and a few intimate acquaintances. De-cluttering your living space is the first step towards being more organised professionally and even improving your time management skills. The perfect addition to the bedroom if you are looking to de-clutter is increasing your storage capacity.

If you have lots of clothes lying around, then you should add an additional dresser in your bedroom. If it is books, then you should look for a suitably sized bookshelf. Depending on your needs, you can add a shoe rack, or even something as simple as a larger laundry bin.

If you are satisfied with the furniture that you have or don’t have the budget/room for any additions, then you can spruce up your bedroom by changing its theme. Change the colour of linen that you use to reflect the new you, hang some artwork on your walls, install some mood lighting bulbs or simply repaint your room. You don’t have to break the bank to update your bedroom; a more affordable makeover can still do wonders for the aesthetics of your bedroom.

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