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Tips For The Perfect Charcoal Barbeque
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Tips For The Perfect Charcoal Barbeque

Few things in Australia are as universally loved as the ever-popular barbecue. It is so revered that the country has gained global recognition for excellence in the pastime.

Now that it is time to break out the charcoal bbq and get down to it, there are a few things you should know. If you are new to making meals using a barbecue or feel like your skills are a little rusty and could use some touching up, here are some tips for the perfect charcoal barbeque.

Consider Your Equipment

A bad worker may blame their tools, but having the right equipment plays a significant role in how your barbecue turns out. Therefore, you must choose your grill carefully.

Not all barbeques are made the same. The best way to pick the charcoal grill that will serve you best is by considering your needs. That is, consider your projected frequency of use and how much space you have available. Small burners are ideal for small spaces or infrequent use, while large grills are better suited to larger backyards and bigger meals. Alternatively, there are portable BBQs available if you plan to do your cooking at different locations.

Be Prepared

First and foremost, you must preheat your grill before you start cooking.

Once the barbecue is properly lit, you must prepare everything else before placing the first bit of food on the grill. The reason behind such an admonishment lies in the fact that once you begin, there is no good stopping point. Furthermore, since the coals get pretty hot, cooking can go fast. Therefore, prepare all your ingredients in advance to avoid being rushed or burning the food.

Flavour Your Meat

Grilled meat is likely the one thing that keeps people coming back to barbecuing. If done well, it can render your entire BBQ experience a success. So give yourself the best chance at doing it right; flavour your meat.

There are numerous ways to add flavour to the meat. The simplest is using salt and pepper just before you place it on the grill. Other methods include wet and dry rubs -which use a mixture of spices to get the desired flavour profile- and glazes that you brush on the food during the grilling process. In some cases, you may also marinate the meat in advance to tenderise it while infusing more flavour.

Lighting The Grill

There is an art to lighting a charcoal barbecue that allows you to do it quickly and efficiently. First, start with a chimney starter. It is a device made to enable quick lighting using nothing more than a match and some newspaper. Unlike lighter fluid, a chimney starter does not add anything to the coals; therefore, you avoid the possibility of infusing unpleasant tastes to the food.

Next, ensure that you have measured out the right amount of charcoal. The quantity you choose determines the level of heat in the grill. So, as a guide, if you are using a chimney, make sure it is full for high heat, halfway for medium heat and about a quarter filled for low heat. The same applies if you aren’t using a chimney.

Use Heat Zones

Using the same principle as above, you can create heat zones to cook different foods on your grill. To establish a high heat zone, simply pile the charcoal briquettes in one area. That becomes the space where you sear the meat and other foods. For medium and low heat zones, use gradually fewer coals as needed. When you have established the sections, you may transfer the food from one area to the next, depending on how fast you want to cook it. In addition, you may also prepare more than one dish at the same time.

Clean Your Grill

Taking proper care of your grill ensures that it remains in good working condition longer. It also certifies the best results every time you use it. So, you must clean the barbecue both before you start grilling and after.

For a proper clean, scrub the cooking grate with a wire brush while it is warm.

Now that you have all the secrets to a perfect charcoal barbecue, it is time to venture forth and wow your family and friends with your grilling chops.

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