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Three Types of Weber Charcoal BBQs
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Three Types of Weber Charcoal BBQs

Barbequing tasty burgers and meats is a hobby for some, an art for others and some just an excuse to get together with family and friend. But for barbeque lovers, it is much more than a hobby and grilling meats; they appreciate the difference between charcoal grills, gas grilling or even the electric option. We have to agree charcoal grilling gives you a premium level to your barbeque; it leaves your meat filled with flavor, and that beautiful chard rich look is hard to resist. But to get that perfect finish on your meat, you have to put in the work, and for some, they might feel it is cumbersome.

Charcoal grills will need extra work from you to light, it needs to be located in a well-ventilated area when grilling, and the clean up after cooking is a mess not many like to handle. But with the extra work, your guests will be impressed by the delicious meals prepared. Below are some unique charcoal bbq grills that we think will make your next barbeque hangout memorable.

• The Kettle BBQ

It is one of the first bbq created by Weber, designed in a doomed shaped cooktop, and the lid comes in a bowl shape to complement the whole look. When starting with grilling your meats, it is good to start with the cover to offer your meat a moist cut. When ready and about to plate, have the lid off to give a crisp finish. And to make your grilling experience much easier, there is a built-in thermometer, making controlling temperature levels for your meats to cook perfectly much easier.
And since charcoal grills need adequate ventilation when barbequing, this grill comes with wheels to make it easy to move around. And cleaning up is made easier thanks to the dip trays, ash catchers and the easy one-touch cleaning system.

A Portable Charcoal Bbq

These have been designed to come in two different designs, either rectangular or kettle shape. Due to their designs, these are perfect for carrying along your next picnic; or if you are a family that loves to camp, this is a good addition. It comes with solid handles to make it much easier for you to carry around, a vent for proper air circulation, and with the double foldable legs, it makes it easy to stash in your car for your next adventure.

A Mountain Bbq Option

The design is part of the Smokey mountain series. The series mainly focuses on slow cooking your meat in a carefully designed smoke chamber. The unit comes in a cylindrical shape to ensure the smoke is circulating properly to give your meat that smoky finish. They are designed with a hinged front door loading, comes with a vinyl cover and double grills. Each unit comes with a thermometer, and the cooking surface are made of enamel. To ensure your meat’s finished product is still moist and tender once cooked, it has been designed with a water pan.

These three bbq options can meet your grilling needs.

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