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How to Take Care for Your Hair Extensions

12 tips to take care of hair extension


Hair extensions only look as good as the level of care they are given.

To make sure your extensions are looking glossy and tangle-free, our team of Headcase Hair stylists have pulled together our top 12 tips to help you maintain your latest, and most gorgeous, hair accessory.


how to take care of your hair extension


Top 12 Tips on Hair Extension Care


Follow the Instructions of Your Stylist

This cannot be said enough! Your stylist will provide you with all the care instructions you need to maintain your gorgeous new locks.

Stylists are trained on how to look after these pieces day-in-day-out, so we understand how to get the best from a terrific investment.

If in any doubt about the instructions, call or visit your salon for a quick refresh.


Take Extra Care While Brushing

An extension loop brush or soft bristle brush are ideal for brushing and detangling your hair extensions. The best way to get the smoothest result is to divide your hair into sections and then carefully brush up the hair shaft from tip to the root while holding the base of the extension. This will minimise the chance of breakage and fuzz.


Invest in Good Shampoo and Conditioner

Hand on heart, not all products are created equal; which is why you should ask your stylist what they recommend for when it comes to cleaning and conditioning your hair. You don’t want to create a slick that results with the extension slipping out!


Wash And Dry Your Hair Carefully

  • The best first step is to detangle your hair and extensions before washing.
  • Then, wash your hair in a downward, non-rubbing, motion from root to tip.
  • Apply conditioner, avoiding the base of the extension, and then rinse.
  • Blot your hair with a soft towel from root to tip, again avoiding any rubbing motion.


Take Special Care with Wet Hair

Never brush or comb wet hair, or go to bed without drying your hair first. Brushing wet hair can cause stretching and breakages, while sleeping with wet hair encourages tangles and matting.


Keep Your Extensions Squeaky Clean

Sweat, chlorine and sea water can damage your hair and weaken the bonds. Thoroughly shampoo and condition after every swim, and blot up as much sweat as you can between washes.


Use Top Styling Products

Whenever you style your hair use quality products free of alcohol and ethanol – your stylist can help you choose. Using the wrong products can cause extensions to tangle with build-up, break or slip from the anchor-point.


Protect Against Heat

Heat from hairdryers, tongs and flatirons can exacerbate damage and encourage splits, tables and frizz, so use an approved heat sealant every single time!


Sleep Like a Princess

A sure-fire way to maintain your hair, is with proper night time care. Braiding your hair and extensions before going to sleep will help to maintain your glossy looks and prevent accidental nocturnal damage.


Keep Up Your Hairdressing Maintenance

For a healthy scalp and head of hair, make sure to keep your six-weekly adjustments to have the extensions moved closer to the root. Leaving the extensions any longer can risk the breakage of your natural hair shaft.


Do Not Try to Colour or Lighten Your Hair Without Your Stylist

We have seen our fair share of horrors from colouring mishaps. Hair extensions can rarely ever be lightened on top of their purchased colour. If anything, some extensions can only be coloured as much as two shades darker.
If you are looking to change the colour of your hair, talk to your stylist first for options.


Air-Dry Whenever You Can

Excessive heat stresses hair, so whenever you can, try to give yourself ample time to have your hair air-dry before styling.


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