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When I Started Using Supplements

I was always the scrawny kid at school and was the always the butt of jokes from larger kids. They used to call me Scrawny Seany or Pint Size, even though we all know in Aus a pint is the largest size! This had an effect on my childhood and I was always shy and quiet as not to alert anyone of my presence in fear of being teased. Needless to say, I wasn’t the most social creature through high school or even when I entered the workforce as an electrician. My social life was non-existent and my sex life was the same.

Then on the job site, I met Mikey. Mikey was a cool surfer type guy that got along with everyone and he seemed to take a liking to me for some reason and became an older brother figure. We used to hang out and he was always propping me up when others would try belittle me which I thought was great. He was fit, healthy and had the brains to boot. He didn’t even have to approach the babes, they’d come up to him!

After hanging out for about three months he somehow managed to get me to a gym. I had avoided them all these years due to fear of embarrassment. Can you imagine Scrawny Seany in a tank top at the gym lifting five-kilo weights with all these big gorillas doing big lifts? Even so, I felt with Mikey there it would be okay.

We went to the gym and it was a little daunting at first I must admit. But we got into the flow of doing reps and I soon forgot about any spectators in sight. He took me through one of his famous routines. By the end of it I thought my body would break. As soon as I got home I went straight to bed convinced that I was dying and said to myself that I would never go again.

The next day at work was tough. My body ached and my muscles were sore and I barely got through it. Mikey was fine. It was like any other day for him. If he was sore he didn’t show it, but I think he was fit and the workout didn’t affect him.  I told him that I would never go to the gym again. He laughed and said, “We’ll see about that”.

Two days later Mikey being Mikey persuaded me to get back on the horse and go to the gym again. We did the same routine. In the end, I was exhausted and again I went straight to bed. The next day I was sore but not nearly as sore as the first time. I told Mikey and he laughed and told it was because I was getting stronger. To hear those words only compelled me more to get back in the gym.

Weeks went by and I began to feel stronger and stronger. I was hooked. Scrawny Seany was now a gym junkie. My addiction started out slow and before I knew it I was at the gym three times a week, then four times a week. I plateaued and felt like I wasn’t progressing as fast as I could. I told Mikey and again he laughed. He said, “Don’t worry I have a surprise for you.”

After work, we went to the gym and did the old routine. After the session, he handed me a present. It was a big cylindrical object wrapped in paper with a ribbon. There was a card on it that read. SCRAWNY SEANY IS DEAD.

These words brought chills up my spine as I thought it was a threat. I opened the present and it was a 10lb packet of Gold Standard Whey Powder. I looked at Mikey and asked him what the hell it was. He said just follow the instructions on the label and take it for a few weeks and see how you go. Of course, I did because I did whatever Mikey told me. He was like a hero to me. Better than Superman.

I kept going to the gym and taking the powder as instructed. After the first week, I noticed the difference. I felt like I was bulking up. The gym sessions were getting more intense and my body was more than up to the challenge. The results of my workouts were amazing. As my body got stronger so did my mind. My confidence grew and now no one was teasing me at work. I was now bigger than them and they looked up to me. People started to treat me with respect, which was hard to get used to after years of ridicule.

The best thing I had ever done was start going to the gym. The second best thing was to start taking Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey formula. It increased the benefits of my workouts by double. I have to thank Mikey for everything. I even have a girlfriend, now all thanks to Mikey and of course a little help from the Gold Standard Whey Formula.


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