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Sexual Activity Makes People, Including Quite Older People, Feel Better

When it comes to sexual activity, in the western world we have come to the overall conclusion that everything is ok as long as we don’t harm each other in any way. Today almost any preference is respected and appreciated, no matter if we pursue love relationships or simply want to engage in sex. While our first attempt of coupling is usually sweet and tender as much as it is authentic and genuine when it comes to exchanging feelings, we also develop an understanding of what kind of approach and attitude we like when it comes to courting but also develop our boundaries. In our following attempts of love, our body language towards the current partner might have changed already as well as the way we communicate. We might then try to combine our emotions with our sexual desire and practice ourselves in the passionate game of seducing our partner, learn more about intimacy and our own sexual preferences. The enjoyment of real love and commitment usually develops within the course of time and the obstacles a relationship goes through, but it is no secret that regular sex makes us feel healthier and draws us closer to the partner.

In a lot of life aspects, ageing is commonly associated with improvements in quality. Whether it is common life skills, higher proficiency in our work, our financial situation or general domains of our lives that improve with time and practice. So how come society and media make us believe that the only exception to this pattern seems to be the quality of our sex life? The assumption that sex is only a domain for beautiful and young people is entirely wrong. Like wine, sex often gets better with age and recent studies revealed that a lot of men and women state that the best sex they had was in their 40ies. There are certain key factors why sex can be better with older age. One is, that more experienced women have a better chance of orgasming.premature ejaculation This is why in fact a lot of women think that sex gets better with age as they also become more confident in bed. A lot of times, sex in the early 20ies is about experimentation like trying new things out, exploring boundaries and new partners. With older age people also might have come to terms with their body image and especially men who have feared intercourse because of early ejaculation problems might have overcome their performance anxiety. Once people are more confident, it can lead to wilder, more adventurous sex, which can be more satisfactory for both partners.

In fact, a lot of men and women over the age of 60 are quite sexually active and continue to see sex as an important part of life. While it is true that physical health is declining with age, there have been a lot of medical solutions on the market to treat sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, which might increase with age. Thanks to such prescribed drugs, nowadays almost anyone can enjoy intimacy well into the old age. Whereas the frequency of having sex might become less with age, there seems to be no relation to frigidity. While young people tend to have more sex, older ones seem to enjoy it more as they have gained better knowledge on their desires and their partner’s preferences, hence the experience tells them what they really want out of their intimate life. Furthermore, recent studies have found out, that the quantity of sexual encounters does not have anything to do with the quality. As people age, they often become more empathic with the partner, hence the thoughts and effort invested in sex might grow when one gets older. The change in priorities could find its reasons in the benefits of life experience. Until late in life, good-quality relationships gain their success through the sexual quality of life and ageing. Life experience is therefore closely related to a good sex life.

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