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Sending Flowers is Still A Great Gift Idea

In this day and age, it’s very easy to overlook the *power* sending flowers brings. For most people flowers are seen as the *easy way out*- we couldn’t think of something else to buy, we didn’t have time, we almost forgot and flowers were the quick *grab and go* gift.


Sending flowers is still a great gift idea


It’s time to realise that sending someone a bunch of their favourite flowers is still a great gift idea. Whether you are giving someone flowers to say *I am thinking of you* or it’s for a special occasion sending flowers can still make someone’s day!

  • Be spontaneous! We all know that traditionally for Valentine’s Day, the gifts are flowers, chocolates and champagne and why not, it’s the one day to really spoil your wife, girlfriend or partner. The downside to this is the cost. Unfortunately, it’s true that the cost of roses is almost double. The day when you want to send flowers to the one you love, is they day they are so expensive. The other big occasion for sending flowers is Mother’s Day – after all, we all love our mums and it’s her special day – you want to spoil her. Flowers for both occasions are nice, but the biggest thrill; is to receive flowers out of the blue – for no set reason. There is nothing better than to receive a lovely bunch of flowers right when you least expect it. Of course, flowers are still seen as a *girly* gift and there probably are NOT a lot of men out there who’d appreciate a bunch of flowers showing up at work, but that is not to say you can’t surprise your man with some flowers. You just must remember who he is, what he likes – and most importantly – where he’ll be receiving them……
  • Location – while it is possible to send flowers anywhere in the world thanks to being able to shop online – from your phone – you can order flowers anywhere, any time. When you do order flowers, be it in person, over the phone, or, online – you’ll be asked two simple questions – when do you want the flowers delivered and where do you want them delivered? This is where you need to think carefully, you don’t want to send flowers to someone’s home if you think they are not going to be there. If you are planning to send them to where they work, you need to consider what they might be doing at that time. They may be in a meeting and can’t be interrupted. *When* is also an important question, you don’t want flowers arriving just as the person is leaving for work, going out to lunch or just heading home – your flowers won’t have that same impact you were hoping for. Once you have managed to work out where and when you are going to send the flowers and you know the recipient isn’t expecting it, so you know it’s going to be a complete surprise. It’s also good to know if there are any flowers your loved one is allergic to or what their favourite flowers are, your surprise goes down like a lead balloon if you send flowers they don’t like.
  • You don’t always have to *play it safe*, it’s okay to push the boundaries a little. Naturally if someone doesn’t like roses, don’t buy them roses, but it doesn’t mean you must give them their favourite flower. Giving flowers out of the blue is the time to be adventurous and try something new. There are so many different floral ideas to try and you never know, you may just help them find their new favourite!
  • And finally – always plan ahead. Everyone is guilty of – at one time or another – buying flowers at the last minute, only to find you’ve left it too late. Make sure you order your flowers early enough so that they are in stock and can be delivered where you want them, and, on time.

Sending flowers to someone is still a great gift option. While we are all looking for something different for our loved ones, or, for something new, at the end of the day flowers, though they may not last a long time, still bring a lot of joy to the recipients, so, you should at least send flowers once.

When ordering flowers online look for someone who offers good value, security, and a good choice of gifts and flowers.


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