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Best Hairdresser in Sydney
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How to Select the Best Hairdresser in Sydney

Sydney is a big city, and there are tons of hairdressers that you can visit. However, not all of them may suit your style. And since you want to look your best, here are a few tips on how to select the best hairdresser Sydney can offer you.


1.Ask for References

Blindly going to a new hairdresser is a bit of a gamble – you may or may not get the style you want. So, if you see someone who is sporting a hairstyle you really like, and that person has hair that is similar to yours, don’t feel shy about asking them where they got their hair done.

You can also ask your friends, family and colleagues where they get their hair done. You can even go with them the next time they visit their favourite hairdresser. This way, you will know whether you want to use that salon’s services.


2.Ask for a Consultation

Before you allow a hairdresser to do anything to your hair, ask for a consultation. Talk to the hair stylist about what you want, and ask them about what ideas they have for your hair. This will give you a good idea about whether you want to take a chance with that hairdresser or not.


3.Check Online Reviews

Thanks to the internet, you can really find out what people have to say about a particular hair salon. Check social media, Yelp, Google+ and other platforms to get honest customer reviews about hairdressers.

Ideally, a salon you choose should have at least a 4-star review. And if there have been any complaints, you should read the thread to see if those issues were addressed by the salon or not.

Be warned, though. There are a lot of fake reviews on the internet too. So, when you do your research, look for detailed reviews about the service, treatment and the quality of the hairstyle.


4.Get the Feel of the Salon

When you go to a salon to get your hair done, you will spend a few hours there. Therefore, you want to find a salon you like the feel of – it has clean atmosphere, it relaxes you and the staff treat you well. A good salon will make you feel at ease as soon as you enter. And your hairdresser will treat you like an individual and respect your opinion and needs.

But it is not just the atmosphere and customer service that is important. You should check the brands of products as well as the machinery that is being used in the salon. If a salon is willing to invest for its clients, then it is a salon worth visiting.


5.Check How Popular a Salon Is

A good salon will have a steady stream of clients. It will be difficult for you to walk in whenever you want to get your hair done immediately. If a salon is popular, that is a clear indication that its services are good.


6.Cost Should Not be a Criteria

You can find good hairdressers in all price ranges. Just because a salon charges the sky doesn’t mean it will provide you the service and hair style that you are looking for. And just because a salon is cheap doesn’t mean that its hairdressers are not good.

You focus should be on reviews and feedback about the services that a particular salon offers. Obviously, you would want something that fits your budget, so do your research and you are sure to find a hairdresser in Sydney who is perfect for you in every way.


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