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Recent Logo Concepts to Consider

A logo is one of the most important marketing tools as it identifies a business or a brand in its simplest form using a mark, symbol, flag, lettering or an icon to stick in people’s minds and become a familiar graphic image on the market.


If you are setting up a new business, you have to understand that logos don’t often sell the business directly nor describe it. Hence your logo should identify the brand in a way that it classifies and is memorized and not explain its purpose. In simple words, a logo should be your business conceptualized by an icon. For your CI it is important to know what makes a good and effective logo to develop creative ideas with a logo designer.


The usual guideline to develop this distinctive and unique graphic is that it should be simple to aid recognition. A good logo is timeless and still effective in the following years to come. Hence, the more abstract an icon is, the more enduring it might be and possibly understood by following generations. Your logo should also be versatile in terms of being applied to different materials and mediums such as t-shirts, business cards, brochure design and banners no matter its size and background colour.


A good logo should work both in vertical and horizontal format and of course be appropriate for public display to any age and audience. Also keep in mind that the more colour you use, the more expensive your icon will become in the long run and if you intend to use writing, certain fonts bring across different messages and might not always be appropriate for your purpose. For example, a children’s kindergarten icon will more likely use a childish font and bright colour scheme, whereas this would possibly not be suitable for a law firm. A trademark should be recognized at a quick glance, thus make sure your logo isn’t too detailed in design.


To establish a brand identity when designing your logo, you might want to look at recent logo concepts to be up to date with the 5 latest trends in logo design.

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Creative typography

Text-based logos are not only great but also effective. To carry the name of the brand is simple and straightforward and can be done in many ways without being boring. This years trend still goes strong with handwritten logos to appear quirky and authentic, chaotic typography where the letters aren’t used linear to present a casual and playful brand or split typography where the business’ name is still clearly readable but with a gap or space between the letters. This year you will see more experiments with typo where either negative space or cropped typography is used for a modern design.


Bright colours

As the palette of colours you can choose for your logo is literally endless, take advantage of the latest trend in using vibrant hues and get creative with variations to come up with an energetic and funky fresh style for your logo. Suffice to say the intense colours should still be aligned with your business or brand but set them apart from the competition. Also take in consideration that using a lot of different colours will not only lessen the moment of instant recognition but effect costs when printed multiple times.


Geometrical outlines

Basic geometrical shapes have always been favoured for their sophisticated look in architecture, fashion and graphic design. To this year, beauty is still found in minimalistic, simple geometric shapes such as lines, circles, rectangles and points. These shapes create clean and elegant visual marks with a balanced and timeless but contemporary look. To make a logo distinct, designers now layer the different shapes together to reflect a brand’s identity.


Letter stacking

Since 2016 letter stacking has gained popularity in the design world as a sophisticated and elegant way for branding. Especially for long names and phrases that are hard to perceive, strategically placed letters on top of each other, below or side-by-side, this logo format is used to create a graphic block with an exclusive layout. Often paired with bright colours and shapes, stacked letters become visually appealing and catchy as the font becomes the entire logo.


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