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How Pull Up Banners Work

They work damn well and when it comes that time of year and expo season is upon us I use them all the time. I have at least four in my kit at any event and I also have two on standby for bigger events. They are just so versatile and probably the most important pieces of equipment in my kit.

Pull up banners are an integral tool for your exhibition display kit for a number of reasons. They are the perfect portable solution for indoor and outdoor events. Pull up banners are so easy to use and the solid base allows them to stand alone without the need for ropes or tie off points which makes them ideal for any situation. In this post, we will take a look how you can the most of your pull up banners and give you an idea of the inner workings that make them a popular choice for promo teams across the globe.


The Inner Workings

Pull up banners are so simple to erect a monkey with a banana in a hand could do it. All you have to do is take it out the bag and screw in the support beam. The simply pull the tab up and clip it onto the support beam and there you have it. Pull up banners work via a spring-loaded system in the base. Think about the retractable cord in a vacuum cleaner. The mechanism in the base of a pull-up banner is very similar.

When it comes time to pack down it’s just as simple as the setup. All you have to do is unclip the banner and retracts straight back into the base. Then unscrew the support rod and pack it back into the carry bag. It’s that easy.


Making the Most of Your Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are great for indoor and outdoor display exhibitions due to their versatility, ease of use and their ability stand on their own two feet so to speak.

They are great to have in your kit and recommend having at least four to six for maximum effect and making your stand out from the competition.

Pull Up Banners are printed in a high definition of your desired logo or message and the range of colours is as broad as the horizon and as deep as your creative mind can go.


Arranging Your Pull Up Banners

I like to have at least four of differing sizes in my kit. I start off by setting up my media wall at the back of the exhibition. Then I will position my pull up banners to draw attention to the media wall that has the brand logo and company message. I also use my pull up banners to direct traffic and draw them into my exhibition. The reason I get them is varying is to create depth and add another element to my display. I set the smaller ones out the front then the larger at the back to create depth and an engaging display that will invite passers-by into and peak their curiosity.

Think of your display expo holistically. What I mean when I say this as the whole display should gel well and be visually appealing. Let’s just say your logo has three colours red, blue and white. You can get the pull-up banners printed in one of each colour with some info or slogan then stagger them in a cascading style to the side of your media wall. That’s why I like to have six on hand. The more the merrier I say and the more freedom you will have when creating an exciting and engaging display.

In conclusion, pull up banners work well is the simple answer to the question and are a must-have item for your display kit. They are simple you use, transport, and come in a variety of different sizes to give you maximum freedom when planning your indoor or outdoor exhibition display. I swear by them and they get quite heavily used when it comes to the Summertime festival season. The high definition printing ensures that your company is beaming brightly and standing out from the competition.


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