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Portable BBQs – Why They Are So Popular

Everyone loves a proper cookout, even when it is out of home. Knowing that you can literally conjure up a burger, or a hotdog, or even a piece of grilled chicken in the middle of a family outing on the beach is worth every penny. Portable barbeque grills have revolutionised how you have fun outdoors, whether on a camping trip, out fishing, or on a road trip with your friends. It makes an otherwise regular trip a lot more fun, worthwhile, and you get to bond with each other over food and drink.



There are many reasons why portable barbeques are the in thing, and if you need any more convincing, then this is the right place. Here are some of the reasons why portability is a desired feature on many small grills, especially during summer.


They Are Very Affordable

One reason why portable barbeques are a big thing is that they are insanely affordable in comparison to how much fun and use you will get out of them. No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for the ability to grill for a few people. This is why, depending on the fuel it uses and the extras you want added on, you will get a top class barbeque for less than $1000. Typically, a grill that is gas operated (whether natural gas or LPG) will cost a lot more than a charcoal operated one. Charcoal grills will set you back anywhere between $120 and $150 while a gas operated grill could be anywhere between $350 and $1000 depending on the model and the extras.



For instance, to get yourself one of Sydney’s most trusted portable bbq grills, the Weber Q, will set you $470 for the 2200 model in black. This will however come in a cast aluminium for both the body and the lid. It will also come with cute little side tables, a built in thermometer, and a stainless steel burner. It also gets you a 5 year limited warranty. This grill is advised for people with large families or people who are hanging out in large groups, for a friend’s birthday, or a get together, or even game day. It is capable of feeding up to 10 people in a single barbeque.



They Come In Different Styles

Portable grills nowadays come in different styles to suit whatever need you may have. Most of the popular grills are either charcoal or gas operated. Even with the different types of fuel being used, every one of the models have different features that set them apart. Most lightweight charcoal grills are not designed to feed a lot of people at once. This is one of the reasons why they are cheaper in comparison to gas operated ones. As such, they are designed to handle smaller grill jobs, for instance a whole chicken, or for the hibachi style of grilling. Meat from a charcoal grill does however come with that smoky flavour that makes it taste all the better.



Gas operated mobile grills typically carry with them a number of features. They are also capable of feeding large groups of people, with some even taking care of up to 15 at once. These types of grills come with useful features such as a higher lid to allow for roasting, side tables to place food as other meats cook, drip trays, built in thermometers, and porcelain enamel or cast iron cooking grills.




The entire premise of this type of grill is that it can be moved from one place to another. It is their where their marketability lies. This means that they can be taken to that camping trip you were planning with your son, or on a trip to the outback with your boys. They can also be brought to the beach where you can make hotdogs and burgers right next to your car. This way, you can be sure about the hygiene under which they were prepared, and you will know for sure whether they are gluten free or not. The portability of a grill also lets you expand your menu to include vegans and other members of your group who may have special dietary needs. These are things you are unlikely to find in commercial food establishments and mobile restaurants, unless you shop around for some time.




portable bbq



It Works!!

Trust the process; portable barbeques would not have sold so many pieces if they did not work. Whatever model you get, most of time you will get exactly what you paid for. With the array of choices, you can make anything from hibachi styled grilling to smoked salmon. You can make food for an intimate beach date, or feed the entire family are a picnic. One thing is certain, portable barbeque deliver on promises made. The convenience, ease of use, and the control they give you over what you can eat is all worth it. The premise works.


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