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Planning the pool party of the year

With all this heat, social activities should be light on the body. A pool party may be your best bet to bring your friends together for a good time.

Obviously, before we even get to organising a unique experience for your guests, we need to check off the basics of any basic social gathering (or the planning thereof).


The Basics

First off is compiling an invite list for the attendees of the party. This may seem trivial at first; however, bear in mind that it just may slip your mind to invite some close friend. Not because you don’t care for them or some feud, but you may just genuinely forget and on the day of the occasion have an embarrassing conversation with said person over them not being invited. Afterwards, send out the invites in good time. It would be advisable to first confirm with your core group of friends if your ideal pool party date is good with their calendars (or at least most of them) then send out the invites. In this modern day of technology, it may be simply easier if you just made a WhatsApp group chat and just added all of them there and disseminate the information.

The second immediate item to check off is the pool itself, if you have a pool then you’re in luck. If not, then you may want to rent out a pool. For the latter you may want to do a bit of research and find out the cheapest place to rent out for your party. Maybe you have a friend who can give you their pool for the day. Maybe you can search around the local hotels and water parks, but these options may be quite expensive.


The selling points

Now that the basics are down, we can start to narrow in on how to best make your party unique.


Time of day

A typical pool party would be done during the afternoon because of the assumed correlation between swimming and the afternoon sun. It makes sense to have the pool party during the day because of the heat. However, a more unique experience may be by having the pool party start early evening into the night. This will give you a range of options to make the party a bit more memorable as shown below



A unique theme to explore may be a glow-in-the-dark party where you use glow sticks and fairy lights to light up the place and give it that snazzy vibe. Parties are generally more fun as they progress through the night so this may be an alternative to consider making your party more memorable. Be sure to pick vibrant colours though. Colours such as bright red give more of a party feel than their counterpart mellow colours such as a warm blue. But this all depends on what you’re going for.


Food, food, food!

It does not matter how good your party looks, it will be for naught if the food is not up to par (or if you fail to organise good food). It would be best to organise for light food and some drinks. For the food, you could have some light meals such as hotdogs and burgers. You may also want to add some tasty bits like well – cooked chicken wings or drumsticks. Another option is nachos/potato chips and guacamole. If you find all this cooking a bit too challenging (or too dreary), you may want to outsource it to a catering service that may not charge you too much.

For the drinks you may want to make your guests some cold cocktails to match the overall theme of the pool party. Another idea would be to have a galvanised bucket full of ice and some beers from which the guests can pick a few beers.



Any party needs some music to get it going. This doesn’t need too much. Just an adequate sound system with relevant music for the party. It’s pretty easy to come up with this, you could always ask your friend (the one who always seems to have really good music) to come up with a playlist for the day. You could also use Spotify to come up with a playlist for your party. Alternatively, you could pick one of the hundreds of available playlists on YouTube. Again, just like food, this could literally be the difference between a ‘meh’ party and a memorable. A carefully selected playlist could get everyone in the right mood to have a good time.

Party Activities

One final idea could be to add a few games relevant to the party. An example would be water polo or even volleyball. This could elevate the fun factor and add something new to the generic swimming around in the party.


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