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Pizza with Wine Vs Pizza with Beer

What would you think if you saw someone eating pizza with a knife and fork? Before you roll your eyes or rush to judge them, keep in mind that the Italians invented pizza and that’s exactly how they eat it – using forks and knives.

You’ve probably dropped your jaw by now, but don’t worry, it’s not that bad. They don’t sit daintily with their elbows off the table and handle their cutlery like a fancy restaurant. Usually, they use the knife to cut the pizza into squares, then they put the knife down and fork up the pizza pieces like French fries, which is significantly less traumatising to the rest of us.

You also have to consider that pizza looks a little different in Italy. It’s not served in slices. They usually give you a whole, uncut pizza which will probably look odd to you, but explains why you have to knife it for yourself. Their pizza crust is thick and gooey in the middle, and thinner on the sides, so they tend to start by cutting the centre of the pizza and edging out to the sides, just like we do.

So, after reading this, and knowing what you do about Italians, you probably think they eat their pizza with rich red wine. Well, according to most people, the average Italian prefers to chase his or her pizza with a light beer. Light beers taste mild so they won’t dilute the flavour of the pizza.


Pizza with Wine Vs Pizza with Beer


Depending on your personal taste, you could simply swig your favourite bottle after every bite. If you’d like a little more detailed guidance, we can suggest some Australian craft beers and the pizza options that go well with them. If your pizza has chicken, bacon, or mushroom, try pairing it with a bottle of Berserker or Jukebox. Both these beers have a fruity, floral, citrus base that goes great with chicken and pleasantly contrasts the sweetness of barbeque sauce.

Do you prefer your pizza vegetarian? Vegetables go well with India Pale Ale, so you can enjoy yours with some Mornington Peninsula. Stouts work with heavy pizzas, so anything with lots of meat in it, especially a blended pizza that has combines beef, pork, and other meats on a single slice.  

If your pizza is spicy, then your beer can be spicy too. The flavours will feed off each other to give you a pleasant taste experience. Witbier is a good choice. It has a smooth, simple texture with hints of clove and vanilla that can pleasantly counterbalance a red hot chilli pizza.

Apparently, a lot of people on the internet have a problem with pineapples on pizza. If you’re not one of those people, you could always go to battle with your tropical slice of Hawaiian pizza and an ice cold After Battle. It has a citrusy passion flavour to highlight your pineapple and as an added bonus, every bottle is protected by the helmeted Viking on the label, so the pineapple war is on!

For vino drinkers, red wine generally goes best with pizza, although there are exceptions to every rule. The wine doesn’t have to be particularly fancy or expensive. If you’re having a sweet pizza, try some dry wine to balance the flavours. Pinot noir works well with mushroom pizzas, while Sangiovese is good for sausage and bacon. Pepperoni? Merlot works a charm to bring out that slight spice, while some Zinfandel and Margarita goes down good.

If you prefer you wine white, you can pair your favourite chardonnay with Margarita as well. White wines seem to enhance the flavour of cheese and spinach toppings, so if you’re not in a mood for red meat, that’s a choice you could go with. Or you could try and little P & P with Pesto and Prosecco. Ham and pineapple? Make peace over a toast of bubbling Riesling.

Whether you’re enjoying your piping hot pizza with a cold can of beer or a delicate glass of wine, enjoy responsibly and be sure to Bubba Pizza Richmond to get your preferable pizza.


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