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How to Pick Your Ideal Wedding Venue

When those wedding bells start a ringing, you know that it’s time to get down to some serious decision making! One of the biggest decisions that we can make when it comes to our wedding is the venue – not just for the ceremony, but for the reception, too.

While many people have some places in mind before they get married that they’ve thought were lovely and would be perfect for a wedding, if you haven’t thought about it yet, then fear not.

Picking your ideal wedding venue can be a breeze – with the right planning.


How to Pick Your Ideal Wedding Venue


Plan early!

Some of the hottest wedding venues can book out years in advance – we’re not kidding. If you want to land a hot property venue, and you’re looking at one of the most popular weekends in one of the most popular months… well then… you might just be planning for a long engagement!

Snagging a popular venue on a hot date may be difficult – but okay if you’re prepared to push back your date, or even move it to a colder month. Your venue needs to be something that is confirmed as soon as possible to really lock in your dates. After all, other brides and grooms are keen to book it, too!

This goes for both the ceremony venue as well as the reception venue. While ceremony venues may be able to fit in more than one wedding party per day, reception venues cannot.


Make it somewhere special

Your wedding venue is a place you are going to remember for the rest of your life. You want your surrounds to be beautiful and meaningful to the both of you. For the ceremony, whether this is the park down the road or your family church, it should hold value to you and be a place in which you feel good.

If this requires that you splash out a little, then so be it – the snapshot in your mind in the years to come will ensure that it is worth it.

Chat together to see if there are any standout spots that you both love. Even if they aren’t ideal for your ceremony or reception, you might like to head there for your wedding photos, or something similar.


Look at location

Some people like to go for a destination wedding, and some do not. However, if you’re doing a wedding at home, then you need to consider the distance between your venue and where your guests generally are living. If your ceremony venue is an hour out of town, then you have to consider that a lot of your guests will probably be drinking. To keep them safe, it may be a good idea to run a bus between the venue and the city, if public transport isn’t available.

If the venue is even further afield, it’s a nice idea to put together a list of possible accommodations that your guests can stay overnight (or a few nights) in.

This way you can keep your guests in the loop and help them out, while ensuring they remain safe and sound.


Consider a dual purpose space

If you find a reception venue set in sprawling gardens, then why not hold the ceremony in the gardens beforehand? If you aren’t particularly religious, then this might be a nicer, more resonant, spot to get married than in a church.

A dual purpose space also helps with organisation. You are less stressed about getting from the ceremony to reception (and anything in between), and your guests are also. Ceremony in the garden, drinks on the lawn, and then the reception in the wedding centre? Too easy.


The weather is all important

If you aren’t planning your wedding smack bang in the middle of summer, then you’ve got to consider the potential weather situations on the day. If it rains is there an alternate space on the same site that you can use? You’ll need to consider this for your ceremony, photos, and reception.

It can be handy to look at historical weather around your chosen date online. This can help to predict to some degree whether it’ll be raining or not. Will your beautiful wedding dress get wet?

There are some venues that are just perfect for a winter wedding, too, so if you’re more of a fan of the cold then you should check them out. Many wedding services are also cheaper in winter due to the decreased amount of business that they have – which can really help with the budget and putting money towards other bits and pieces.


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