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Options to Keep Your Shop Secure

If you are running a business, security is one of the most important departments. Even before choosing the location for your business operations, it is mandatory to analyse the security situation around your premises. Most shops hold inventory that amounts to a lot of money. A simple breaking and entering can lead to painful losses. The situation can be worse if vandalism takes place. When it comes to security, it is a known fact that you can never be too safe. Modern security systems employ new technology but good old shutters, grilles and doors have proved to be useful in keeping bad people out of business premises. Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, upgrade your security systems.


Roller shutters are useful for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. They are a suitable security solution in areas with wide-span openings. They have come in handy in warehouses, carpark entrances and loading docks. For retail businesses like shops, roller shutters are ideally used at the shopfront. These installations are popular in malls and retail streets. They offer impenetrable security that is guaranteed to keep your inventory safe. The build of roller shutters is sturdy and there are different types of roller shutters available in the market and the choice is based on your needs and personal preference.


Roller shutters can be customized to match up to the needs of each individual site or project. They are made to size and installation requires seamless fitting. The slots on the shutters can be solid, perforated, slotted or extra-large slotted. The shape of the slots are constant and this means a shutter can take up to four different styles. For added security, polycarbonate can be installed behind the perforated or slotted styled slats. This installation is still certain to maintain the visibility through the slats. The shutters are operated in three different ways. There is a spring assisted shutter, a chain operated shutter and a motorised operated shutter. The motorised operated shutter is not suitable for high cycle applications. The finishing of the roller shutters can be varied but the curtains, guides and bottom rails come standard in a clear anodised finish. Alternative colour options are available.


If you are looking for a security solution that can work for industrial, domestic and commercial premises, roller grilles are your best bet. These grilles are popular in shopping centres, bar frontage, counter tops and shop fronts. It is an ideal solution for areas with high visibility and where airflow is essential. On shopfronts, roller grilles are placed behind the glass to form a strong barrier. Town planning departments prefer this set up as opposed to a solid shutter fitted on the outside of a building. In high-risk areas, this internally fixed arrangement is recommended. It gives maximum security as each shop or retail store is personally protected. At the event of an attempted breaking and entering, intruders will have to break the glass, usually setting off the alarm, and then work their way past the security grille before gaining entry. The chances of them succeeding is almost nil.


If you want to maintain visibility while enjoying airtight security, roller grilles are the security option for you. The links that form a grille have a large area of open space that allows a high level of visibility. This makes it ideal for shops where the items on sale need to be seen. The fine lines of grilles give it a majestic look which blends in well with the design of any retail centre. The standard locking position for roller grilles allows for a double-sided lock with operations from both outside and inside. The roller grilles are operated manually with supplied pull pole. The security doors can be electrically motorised with various operation options.


Despite all the developments in modern security systems, nothing beats an old-fashioned door. An impenetrable door is a good security solution to keep any shop secure. Folding doors are good for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications for shop fronts and shopping centres. The doors require a lot of structural support and joinery work. The door system is manually operated by hand. Depending on the locking configuration, a simple slide is enough to open or close the door.


Most doors consist of vertical panels fitted with glass infills. The doors have the option of a left or right-hand stack or bi-parting. The doors can be end-hug or centre hug either internally or externally. The locking system on these doors from an up/down locking system to an end hug configuration. The end hug configuration requires the door to be permanently fixed on one side or either side in bi-parting doors. These security doors maintain visibility into your store while offering tight security. For your store, don’t compromise on security. Cheap may prove to be expensive in the long run, especially when your inventory goes missing. The good thing about grilles, shutters and doors, they are permanent installations. Once fitted, your security can only improve. So secure your store, better to be safe than sorry.

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