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Some Options for Buying an Outdoor Play Module

Some Options for Buying An Outdoor Play Module

Many modern children are addicted to their electronic devices, whether it’s a smartphone or a video game console. And these addictions develop at increasingly younger ages. Kids as young as 1 or 2 years are already glued to their little black mirrors. If you’d like them to turn off the screen and smell the roses instead, you have to give them a good reason to do it.

One of the best ways to keep your kids constructively occupied is to get them a modular outdoor playset. These playground units combine many different opportunities to play while reassuring parents and teachers that the kids are safe. They foster energetic physical play which is fun for kids and makes nap time and bedtime easier for everyone.

If you’re buying your first play set, you might be unsure of where to begin. First, check the companies that manufacture play sets. Pick one that has a good reputation for quality and safety. When you buy the play set, ask the company to install it. They can make sure it’s safe, stable, and properly put together. Look for brands that offer warranties.

Before you buy, ask whether you can inspect an already installed unit. Modular play sets consist of many small parts. Check how these parts are joined. Ideally, they should have secure bolts that have been smoothed and sanded to avoid scratching or cutting the kids.

Avoid playsets that have glue or laminate. If possible, find a brand that has an inbuilt package for after sales service and maintenance. This is helpful because they can periodically come to inspect the play set and make sure it’s in optimum condition. Plus, you can call them in case of an accidents, breakages, or issues.

There are lots of models that you can choose from. If you’d like a local product, you can buy a play set from an Australian company. You’ll have the advantage of knowing they’re on hand and easy to reach in case you need any help with your play set.

Another advantage of proximity is the manufacturer can customise your play set. If there’s a feature you’d like that isn’t inbuilt, or if you want features from two play sets fused into one, you can visit their store and talk about tailoring your modular unit.

Most play sets are installed in schools, but you can also order one for your neighbourhood playground, or for your own back yard. If the play set is to be used by large volumes of children, you might consider a larger unit like the P-8280 – 19.

This unit is essentially two play sets in one. It has two playhouses linked by a brightly coloured foot bridge. The unit also has a roped wall, a slide, a climbing wall, and several walkways. Like other modular products, it’s made using hardwood cypress poles and powder coated steel that has soft-touch properties.

Some parents would prefer to have a play set imported, and American play set models are fairly popular on the global scene. If your kids are younger, you can try the Step 2 Clubhouse Climber. It’s good for cosy play dates with three or four kids, and can be installed in an indoor-outdoor space.

The ideal age for this play set is 2 to 5 years, and it’s made of sturdy, colourful plastic. The play set gives toddlers lots of nooks and spaces they can crawl through as they play hide and seek. It has two slides and two play towers linked by a bridge. The play set even has stairs and a steering wheel, encouraging more imaginative play.

If you’d prefer something smaller just for your kids, you could settle for the Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse. It’s a single tower play house with a ladder on one side and a slide on the other. The tower is adorned with a bright periscope that offers the kids 360-degree views.

Another option is to mix and match play set components to design the perfect play area for your kids. Many modular toy companies offer add-ons that can be sold as standalone or attached to existing play sets. These pieces include colourful slides, swings, poles, chalk boards, steering wheels, telescopes, ladders, gym rings, and much more.


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