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Why Do You Need A Ute Tool Box

For a tradie, ute tool box makes a sound investment. They provide a secure place to store tools and equipment, and with a tool box, they never arrive at the job site without the supplies that they need. The majority of ute tool boxes, therefore, are sold to tradies.

Yet, that trend is changing. Today, tool boxes are one of the most in-demand UTE accessories, and they’re being installed on all types of UTEs in Australia.

Tool boxes are useful for almost anyone. Outdoorsy types, surfers, and even commuters benefit from the added storage a bed-mounted tool box provides. The good news: Tool boxes are a low-cost investment that will last the vehicle’s lifetime and can help boost resale value.

Are you considering purchasing a tool box for your UTE? Here are some surprising reasons everyone – not just tradies – should consider investing in one:

Infographics - Why do you need a UTE Tool box? Here are the importances of having UTE Tool box - Added and Secure Storage, After Market styling and Pack it and forget about it



Added Storage

Utes don’t usually have an abundance of interior space. As such, all those random items you keep in the cabin can instantly cramp your style. That’s the biggest benefit of a ute tool box: It will provide you plenty of space for storing those odds and ends.

For example, you might be a cyclist, and you like to carry around all those bike mechanic tools and supplies. You probably don’t have the space to carry everything that you need inside the vehicle. Even commuters can find uses for tool boxes like storing jackets or office supplies that might have cluttered up the ute’s interior.


After-Market Styling

For many, creating a unique, after-market look for their vehicle is a high priority. That’s why there are so many UTE accessories available on the market, from bull bars and light bars, to mud flaps and ladder racks. A stainless steel tool box can help to instantly set your vehicle apart from stock vehicles.

What’s more: Ute tool boxes are completely customisable. They’re available in a wide range of metals – including aluminium, steel and stainless steel – with high-gloss or matte finishes. Plus, painted UTE boxes are also available in nearly every colour and a variety of finishes.


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Pack It and Forget About It

Roadside assistance and emergency items should be packed in every vehicle, but there’s not always the space. Things like jumper cables, a battery recharging pack, and mud tire changes, for example, can be lifesavers whenever your vehicle stalls or gets stuck.

Emergency equipment, including road flares, a first-aid kit and even a survival kit (for when you get stuck in the bush) are also necessities. Often, though, many people do not carry these in their vehicle because they don’t have the space. Pack them in your ute tool box and have peace of mind knowing that you have them on hand.


Secure Storage

Without a tool box, it’s tempting to leave supplies and items in the bed of your UTE. It might be camping gear or beach supplies, for example. The problem: You can’t always keep eyes on your vehicle. And when these items are left unattended, you’ll be creating an opportunity of convenience for would-be thieves.

The majority of tool boxes are lockable, either keyed or with a keypad combination. You can lock up your stuff no problem. What’s more, you can choose a box with a single door or multiple doors, so you can access your things easier.


You don’t have to be a tradie to get used out of a tool box for your ute. These accessories are versatile and they can be adapted to benefit just about anyone.

The bottom line: A small investment can instantly increase your available storage space, provide security for your gear, give you space for those important, yet rarely used, supplies, and hey, it will even give your ute a bit of after-market flair.


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